Bishop Dale C. Bronner


Bishop Dale Bronner pastors the Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Austell, GA.


Reaching the Lost and Teaching the Found.” Our prayer is that God will meet you at your point of need and that “You won’t leave here like you came in Jesus Name.”



    1. Dangers of Distractions
      • Bishop Dale Bronner | The Dangers of Distractions (Relationships)
        • FaceBook
          • Bishop Dale Bronner | The Dangers of Distractions (Relationships)
        • YouTube
          • The Danger of Distractions
            • The Danger of Distractions
              Sunday, February 16, 2014 – 11am
              Channel :- woffamily
    2. Transitions of Life
      • YouTube
        • The Transitions Of Life – March 23, 2014
          Channel :- BartPiercelive
          Location :- Rock City Church
          Date :- March 23rd, 2014
    3. Heart Revolution Conference 2015
      • Cornerstone Church of San Diego
        • YouTube
          • Heart Revolution Conference 2015
            Published On :- 2015-July-30th


In depth

Dangers of Distractions


  1. Derail your destiny
    • Nothing faster can derail your destiny outside of marriage
  2. Recognize your spouse by their faces
    • F – Family Background
      • Fruit does not fall from the tree
    • A – Attitude
      • Attr
    • C – Compatible
      • Compatibility factor
      • Value health, education, spirituality
    • E – Experience
      • Marry their past
      • Do something and get a reaction
      • A reaction
    • S – Skills
      • Skills they bring to the table
  3. Know if this person is designed to be with me or not
  4. Jum Run
    1. You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with
  5. Question
    • Don’t get answers until questions are asked
    • What have
      • What have they got you doing?
      • What have they got you listening to?
      • Where do they have you going?
  6. Not everyone has the right to speak into your life



  1. David & Bathsheba
    • Whenever you avoid the challenge you are born for, you face the battle that you are not equipped for
      • Situation
        • I am pregnant
      • Test
        • Battle of the lust of the eye
        • Battle of the flesh
      • God Speak
        • Walk uprightly
        • Turn not to the left or right
      • Personal Take
        • Distraction
          • Destruction of your dream in slow motion
        • The devil knows what to use for each person
          • Woman seduces a Man
            • Physique of the woman
          • Man seduces a woman
            • Yes, babe I love you

Heart Revolution Conference 2015

  1. The Process
    • The Heart
      • Until God does a thing in your heart, you are not fit to be used anywhere else
      • Polluted Mind
      • Thinking Contaminated
      • Washed of bitterness and resentment
      • No Longer
      • No Blessing
        • With what you can not manage
        • What you can not give
        • Predicated
          • Give Money
          • Give Praise
          • What you can not see others with and rejoice
      • Measurement
        • Men of genius are admired
        • Men of wealth are envied
        • Men of Power are feared
        • But, men of Character are trusted
  2. Purpose
    • When God gives you an assignment, you have to decide what you intend to do to get it done
  3. Distraction
    • Do not look at distraction as an innocent thing
    • Distraction is a ploy to get you away from doing what you are supposed to be doing
    • Distraction has a purpose
    • A level of pain in your life
    • When we experience pain we look for something to lessen the pain
    • Absence of pain is a relief not fulfillment


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