Phishing Paypal :-


This morning received an obvious phishing email.

Chose to play along and see if it is one already known to Google’s Chrome.


Evidence Gathering


Email Folder – Junk Email

Here is what the email looks like:

Email Screen

Email Text

PауРаl PауРаl   Hello,Аs раrt оf оur sесuritу mеаsurеs , wе rеgulаrlу sсrееn асtivitу in thе РауРаl Sуstеm.Wе rесеntlу соntасtеd yоu аftеr nоtiсing аn issuе оn yоur РауРаl . Wе rеquеstеd infоrmаtiоn frоm yоu fоr thе fоllоwing rеаsоn:

Оur systеm dеtесtеd аn аbnormаl issuе in your ассount, wе bеliеvе thеrе might bе а brеасh . in this саsе we nееd to vеrify your ассount. plеаse сliсk on thе link bеlow аnd follow thе stеps for more sесurity еnsurаnсе.
This is thе lаst rеmindеr tо lоg in tо yоur аcсоunt аs sооn аs роssiblе.Oncе yоu lоg in , yоu will bе рrоvidеd with stерs tо rеstоre yоur ассоunt ассеss.

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Followed the trail ( Link ), so you don’t have to …

The URL reads



  1. Report
    • Report through web site
      • Google
        • Report Phishing Page
      • Symantec
        • Report Phishing Page
    • Report through email
      • Anti-Phishing Working Group
        • Web Site :- Link
        • Email :-
      • US – Department of Homeland Security
        • US-Cert
          • Report Phishing Sites
            Web Site :- Link
            Email :-
      • US – Federal Trade Commision
        • Email :-
        • Read more here
      • Apple
        • iCloud
          • Email :-
          • Read more here
      • Amazon
        • Email :-
        • Read more here


Addendum – 2017-10-24

Email Envelope

Email Contents





Some of these guys are actually smart.

Prayerfully, they will take off the blinders.

Like Jacob Prasch would say “Let the guy go out, learn a trade, and start to make a honest living…become a carpenter” for Christ’s sake.

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