Andrew Galvin :- A Fertilised Egg Is Not A Contract



A Fertilised Egg Is Not A Contract

(On the Question Of A Father’s Rights during Pregnancy)

Dear Men,

Some of you are confused as to whether or not you have the right to force a woman whose egg your sperm has fertilised to either terminate the pregnancy against her will or carry the pregnancy against her will as the case may be. Let’s see if I can help.


No you don’t.

And it’s awful to even think you can.

Once you’ve ejaculated, your agency ends with regard to having a say either way about any pregnancy.

Why is that?


A) After ejaculation, literally every other aspect of making a baby happens in and to another person’s body.

B) Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy against her will and forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy against her will both fall under the legal definition of torture.

But don’t worry, this does not diminish your rights or choices. Here’s how:

If you DON’T want a termination then your fool-proof guaranteed way to ensure that is to exercise your infinite, pre-ejaculation agency and choose not to ejaculate into a vagina.

Crazy, I know but it works 100% of the time, all the time.

If you DO want a termination and the woman involved doesn’t the exact same applies. Your last chance to make that choice is BEFORE you ejaculate. So, make it then; in that glorious time of infinite, pre-ejaculation agency, Instead of thinking you can force a termination on someone who doesn’t want one later down the line.

How great is that? With a little forethought full control of the situation is decidedly back in your hands. I understand this may feel like a bit of a hollow victory to get what you want but without the opportunity to at the same time harass and force your wishes on another person, but what can I say? If you think that an egg fertilised by your sperm gives you control over what does and doesn’t happen to the woman that carries it you are incorrect. A bit scary, and incorrect.

Look, I’m not saying you cannot make your feelings known. In most cases your partner may well even petition you for input but the important part here is that that the decision does and should rest solely with the person who will have to carry and give birth.

To conclude, an easy to remember recap and words I would like all men to remember and live by:

Pre-ejaculation: Your body Your choice. Post-ejaculation: Her body Her choice

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