Pastor Hurmon Hamilton


Coming to work yesterday I ran into a lady that I have not seen in awhile.

She asked me whether I have googled her pastor on YouTube.

And, I said  have yet to.

She again gave me his name.

And, so wanted to do yesterday.

But instead looked at other stuff.

Thanks goodness  got around to do so today.


Pastor Hurmon Hamilton pastors the New Beginnings Church in Silicon Valley, CA.

In August 2017 they will be moving from their Mountain Valley facility to Redwood City.


A life Transformed



  1. “THE UNEXAMINED DREAM” Jan 8 2017 Pastor Hurmon Hamilton
    • Series :- Dream On
    • Reading :- Genesis 37:5-11
    • Published  :-2017-Jan-9th
    • Link

In depth

“THE UNEXAMINED DREAM” Jan 8 2017 Pastor Hurmon Hamilton

  1. God is a dream giver
  2. God gives us  a God sized dream
  3. In pursuing that dream we become fruitful
  4. Roadblocks
    • Joseph in the bible
      • Isaac
        • Jacob and Esau suffered from Isaac’s favoritism towards Esau
      • Jacob
        • Jacob repeated the same pattern with his Children
      • Disfunction
        • Tough family situation
        • God gives God sized dream to highly dysfunctional people
    • Jason, Cerebral Palsy Patient
      • Will always be a taker
      • Disabled, but still have a Godchild dream
    • Grief
      • Causes a blackout in our lives



Is there something someone has been trying to give you, but you have yet to receive as life goes on..

And, we keep clicking on that new clickbait.

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