WordPress & Bing Webmaster – Registering Site


In this post we will cover how to register a WordPress site with Microsoft’s Bing.



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Microsoft – Bing

To access Bing’s Web Master portal, please go here.


My Sites

Initial Site

The “My Sites” screen appears. Here is the URL.

Add a Site

In the “Add a Site” text box, please enter the URL.

With the URL entered, please click the “ADD” button.


Add a site – About my site



Data Entered

The screen below shows the “Add a site” screen filled out.

The principal data entered are:

  1. URL
    • WordPress
      • Your targeted WordPress URL
      • In our case, https://learningintheopen.org
  2. Site’s map URL

Verify Ownership

The next screen that appears is the Verify Ownership screen.

The direct URL is here.




Settings \ Site Traffic

Go to WordPress.

And, access Settings \ Site Traffic.

Here is the URL.


Site Verification Services


Here is the original layout of our “Site Verification Services” page.



Here is the original layout of our “Site Verification Services” page.


Big Verification Entered

We copied the verification site from Bing and pasted it into the Bing Textbox.

Once the Bing validation text is entered, please click the “Save Settings” button.


Microsoft – Bing

Verify Owner

Return to the window opened for Bing and click the Verify Button.



The dashboard which is accessible via this URL appears.




As literal thousands of people are submitting sites each day, we have to give the tool time to germinate.

Will return in a few days and see if we are on the right track


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    • WordPress – Support
      • WebMaster Tools

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