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  1. Adam Blai – Demonology Seminar (Audio)
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      • Video #1
        Published on :- 2016-Apr 23
    • Audio
      • Audio #1
        Channel:- Vachan TV
        Published on:- 2018-Jan-31st
    • Occasion:
      • Adam Blai speaking at One Faith Experience – April 2016.
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  2. EWTN On Location – 2016-01-02 – Exorcism In The Modern Church And How To Keep The Doors To The Demon
    • Profile
      • Adam Blai preaches on the dangers of demonic influences in his talk “Exorcism in the Modern Church and How to Keep the Doors to the Demonic Closed” at the 2015 “Ignited By Truth Conference
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- EWTN
        Date Published:- 2017-June-8th
  3. Catholic Demonologist Adam Blai On Demonic Possession
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        Demoted On:- 2020-August-27th
  4. Catholic Demonologist Adam Blai On Demonic Possession
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      • Video #1
        Demoted On:- 2020-August-27th
  5. 152: Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms—Adam Blai (Free Version)
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      • Video #1
        Published On:- 2019-October-30th
        Added On:- 2020-August-27th
        Demoted On:- 2021-April-4th


Adam Blai – Demonology Seminar (Audio)

  1. Exorcist
    • Only a priest can do exorcist by Canon Law
  2. Participation
    • Over 100 solemn exorcism
  3. Unworthiness
    • I am not holy
    • Do not be afraid to do what God the Father has called you to do
    • Do not let Satan trick you into thinking you are not holy, you are not equipped
    • He is going to use if you say Yes
  4. Reasons
    • Do not do it for
      • Excitement
      • Selfish reasons
    • Do it
      • It has to be because you are called
      • Asked to serve
        • By Bishop or elder
  5. Election
    • God allows us to be tempted
      • So that we can exercise free will
      • Grants us an opportunity to love God and be obedient to God
      • Corrective experiences
        • Enter into a deeper relationship with God
        • God allows extraordinary activities so that we can know the limits of our power & grace
  6. Permission
    • The Devil can not do anything unless permitted God
  7. Authority
    • Authority given by Jesus to the Apostles
    • Permission to Bishop
      • Bishop lent to the Priest
    • Oversight
      • Do not want to exercise if patient is
        • Mentally ill
        • Physically ill
  8. Demons
    • Demons are fallen Angels
    • At Creation
      • They had a ministry
      • They had work assignment
  9. Dominic Activity Increases ( Segment 12:### – )
    • New Missions
      • In the History of the Church for missionary activities
      • When Christianity goes into new communities
    • Missionary Country in Reverse
      • In the west, we are nation in reverse
      • Reject God
      • Give demonic new room
    • Pray
      • Pray for priest
      • help us with it
      • put on the altar every day


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