Cyberarms – Intrusion Detection


Cyberarms Intrusion Detection is the second IDS product that we will be evaluating.  The first product been BF Guard.


As the saying goes everything is idealistic until it get reals.

My real world came almost week ago.  I was home that Saturday morning having cleared my schedule.  A friend had dropped off two laptops.  There were viruses and malwares to rid off, cluttered full hard drive to prune, and personal data to remove.

Never imagined, I had similar problems until I tried connecting to one of the computers in our Lab and was faced with that now familiar error message, “exceeded maximum number of connections”.



Downloaded Cyberarms version 2.2 from here.

Install Files

Version 2.2 only supports 64 bit systems and so those of us that that still have 32-bit systems are out of luck.

Compressed Package

The installer is packaged as a zip file.

Extracted Files



Screen Shot

We have two sets of Install Steps:

  1. Prerequisite
    • Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x64)
  2. Core
    • Cyberarms Intrusion Detection


Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x64)
  1. Install Components
  2. Extract Files
  3. If  “Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x64)” exist on system
    • User is asked whether to remove or repair package
  4. Runtime Installed on system


Install Components?

Extracting Files

Repair or Remove

Repair is Complete



  1. License Agreement
  2. Select Install Folder
  3. Confirm Installation
  4. Installing…
  5. Install Complete

License Agreement


Select Installation Folder


Confirm Installation

Installing Cyberarms Intrusion Detection


Installation Complete



Screen Shot


Settings – Lock out configuration

  1. Set lock threshold (unsuccessful logins )
    • By default set @ 3 unsuccessful logins
  2. Set lock duration ( minutes )
    • By default set for 20 minutes
  3. Hard lock threshold ( unsuccessful logins )
    • By default set or 10 unsuccessful logins
  4. Hard lock duration ( hours )
    • By default set for 24 hours
  5. Hard lock forever
    • In cases of multiple failed logins where hard lock threshold reached, a choice on whether to lock forever


Settings – Safe Networks

  1. Define safe network also known as whitelisting


Settings – Email Notification

  1. We indicated that we want to be notified on everything
    • Events
      • On soft lock events
      • On hard lock events
      • On unlock events
  2. Reports
    • Unfortunately, we are only in the evaluation phase and have yet to allocate money for a paid version.
      Therefore, No Reports yet.

Settings – SMTP Configuration

  1. Enter Email Addresses
    • Sender address
    • Recipient address
  2. SMTP server
    • SMTP Server
  3. SMTP/SSL Port
    • 25
  4. Use SSL for communication
  5. This server requires authentication
    • Username & Password


Agents – TLS/SSL Security Agent

Because Terminal Services is the lone service that we are exposing and securing via Active Directory on this box, it is the only service that we enable.

Original Screen

Revised Screen

  1. Override Configuration
    • Check
  2. Enable this Security Agent
    • Check
  3. Extended Configuration
    • RdpPort
      • Keep port 3389 if you have left Terminal Services running on its default port



We tried connecting thru RDP from a few boxes and intentionally entered wrong password.


Security Log



The following information is logged:

  1. Intrusion #1
    • Type :- Intrusion
    • Latest Entry :- Date
    • IP Address :- z.y.x.w
    • Message :- TLS/SSL Security Agent: Possible intrusion attempt.


Email Notifications


  1. We have attached a couple of emails
    • Our Inbox filtered to show messages from Cyberarms IDDS
    • Test Email Notification
    • Soft Lock Notification
    • Hard Lock Notification



Message – Test Message

Message – Soft Lock

Message – Hard Lock



Cyberarms Intrusion Detection tool is a very, very strong well engineered product.

It capables identifies intrusion attempts based on monitoring Windows Event Viewer.

The newest version requires x64 based system and for those still running 32 bit OS that might be an impedance.



  1. Configure Intrusion Detection to block based on your requirements
  2. Secure your systems today with Cyberarms Intrusion Detection and Defense System


3 thoughts on “Cyberarms – Intrusion Detection

    • Sujan Aryal:

      Unfortunately, one is unable to configure more than one email address.

      One is only able to register a single email address as recipient.

      I will suggest that you use an email distribution list to support multiple email addresses.

      Sorry for my tardiness in replying.

      In thanks,


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