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  1. Living By Faith “The Lifestyle”
    Living by Faith with Drs Mike and DeeDee Freeman presents a very special set of shows on the topic of the life of homosexuals.
    The panel features four individuals who are partners of Spirit of Faith Christian Center in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area.
    Named for the way that these individuals refer to their past, “The Lifestyle” is a 5 part series of shows in which the four panelists explain their journey into and out of the homosexual lifestyle.
    We pray that this broadcast will make you F.R.E.E. (Fully Restored, Educated, Empowered)

    • Participants
      • Corey Smith
      • Nyjah Easton
      • Jennifer Tyler
      • Jen’tel Stewart
    • Parts
      • Part 1-Jennifer Turns Out
      • Part 2-Nyjah Turns Out/Corey’s Past
        Published On :- 2012-Oct-25
      • Part 3- Corey’s Story
        Published On :- 2012-Oct-25
      • Part 4
      • Part 5



  1. Dewayne Freeman, Sr.
    • Integrity Below the Belt: Escaping the Sex Trap
      Sex has become such a huge part of the world’s culture; It has invaded the media and entertainment industries, as well as the home and school environments. God’s gift to married men and women has been exploited (or perverted) and integrated into our everyday lives. Pornography, molestation, prostitution, sex trafficking, adultery, premarital sex, and activities as such are rampant among us. As this generation becomes overtaken by the consequences of satisfying lustful desires, it is crucial that we teach and enforce God’s original intent for sexual intimacy. Integrity Below the Belt is an essential teaching, founded upon Biblical principles, designed to educate and empower readers to live a life of sexual purity. Understanding that sexual purity is applicable to everyone, in every stage of life, this message speaks to the young and old, married and single, male and female audiences. Prepare your heart to receive revelatory principles that will ignite and increase your commitment to live a sexually pure lifestyle.
  2. Jennifer Lucy
    • Dried Tears
      Jennifer Schumpert is a young woman who has discovered her life’s purpose is to empower and encourage others by providing them with the tools they need to discover their purpose and ultimately walk in wholeness.

In Depth

Living By Faith “The Lifestyle”

Part 1

  1. Jennifer Lucy
    • She is married now
      • And, she and her husband, have made an old thing, an old thing
    • It is my responsibility to go back and bring people out of there
    • The reason being that I introduced people to that lifestyle in the first place
    • Where did those feelings go?
      • When you are renewing your mind, those feelings will line up with the “Word of God
    • In dreams, feelings sometimes still come back
      • But, my husband and I sit down, and pray over it
  2. Familiar Spirits
    • People who are part of the lifestyle can come up and approach
    • They know that feelings were part of our makeup
  3. Nyjah Easton
    • After my first Sexual encounter, the floodgates opened
  4. Help Others
    • Because of new found freedom, you are free


Part 2-Nyjah Turns Out/Corey’s Past

  1. Nyjah Easton
    • Parents were in ministry and getting people saved
    • Father
      • Father said because you fought me so hard made me want to try even harder
      • I talk with my Dad everyday
      • He said, I do not know what to say, but I will show you the word
    • Mother
      • Mum was very emotional
    • I was temporarily insane
  2. Corey Smith
    • Family split up because of domestic violence
    • Went to stay with extended family
      • Abused by older cousin
      • Fought off cousin
      • Cousin started abusing younger sister
      • Gave himself to older cousin in place of sister; in hopes of protecting sister
    • Never had a strong male figure
      • Father was not present
      • Being raised by women and started taking upon female ways
      • Lead to being ridiculed by school mates
        • Called names
        • After a while the names started taking roots
    • Dated women
      • Dated women, but could not quite get it right
    • Wanted to change body
      • Thought I was a woman trapped in a man’s body
      • And, so wanted to change my gender
      • Started to crossdress
      • And, sought out ways to look more softer
      • Devil started to line everything up
      • Coming into contact with people that had everything I need
      • But, after while something stopped me
      • Hairiness
        • My friend, had the time, said it might not fit me, as I was too hairy
        • Went DL ( DownLow)
    • God stepped in
      • I did not know at the time, but now I know it was God
      • I was OK where I was
        • And, so I thought yes I am OK where I was, or so I thought
    • Family Support
      • Godly Aunt
        • I had a Godly Aunt who knew what was going on
        • And, she had a talk with my Mother and told her what was going on
        • Further, she warned her “not to turn her back on me
    • Lead by the Spirit
      • Lead by the Spirit went to Church one day
        • I was laying in bed, but felt I needed to go to Church
        • Put clothes on and started walking
      • At Church
        • Stood up and started crying out to the Lord
    • I was at the Metro Station, lady drove up
      • Said I know you, and saw you at the Church
      • Said
        • Please come to my House and have dinner
        • She said I want you to come live with us, till then she never told me she knew what was going on with me
        • I get emotional when I talk about it
        • A lot of leaders at that particular Church knew what was going on with me also
        • They tried to convince her to not let me live with her, cause she has a son
        • But she said
          • NO, cause I know what Holy Spirit is telling me
          • He is coming to live with me

Part 3- Corey’s Story

  1. Happy when intoxicated
  2. Laws of diminishing returns
    • Turn to addiction
  3. God Equip
    • God never equipped me to take care of another woman.
    • Neither has he equipped a man to take care of another man.


Part 4- Corey’s Story

  1. I have been loved all along
    I just did not want to accept it.
    But, I have been loved
  2. When I got with my other family, I got comfortable
  3. She will call me a “Woman of God
  4. Filled with the Holy Spirit
    • Things started to feel different
    • Best friend was killed a month later after receiving the Holy Spirit
  5. Personal Conversation
    • I think I am called to the ministry
    • I started researching bible school online
    • I have to move back home because I

Part 5

  1. Words and Prayers that were established on my behalf
  2. It is important for Believers to stay in contacts
  3. Relationship with Parents
    • God used me to get my parents saved
    • I can finally say that I am love you


Follow Up

Nyjah Easton

  1. Got married in July 2015
    • Nyjah Easton and Joseph Rollins, Jr.


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