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A bit over 4 years ago, I read Troy Hunt’s blog titled “The Ghost Who Codes: How Anonymity is Killing Your Programming Career“.


Troy Hunt – The Ghost Who Codes: How Anonymity is Killing Your Programming Career

It is available here.

And, here are all the places he looked for the anonymous programmer….



4 Years Later

It is 4 years later, enough time to go through college, and get a college degree.

In between signed up for free GitHub.

Private Repositories

It is now time to sign up for a paid version.

Why Private

The reasons are numerous and includes:

  1. Need for secured storage
    • Sometimes I have code that is not yet complete, but I will still like to save to a location other than my laptop
    • Occasionally have proprietary data such as credentials or server names that I will rather not share with the whole world
  2. Saving Things Online
    • Forces better coding practice
    • Structure
    • Succinct



To create private repositories, you need to pay monthly or yearly fees


  1. Sojourn to github
  2. Login to your Account or create a new one
  3. On the top new bar click on the + sign
  4. In the “New Repository” window
    • Enter the Repository Name
    • In the “Public or Private” Group box, Choose Private
    • Enter Credit Card Info


Screen Shots

Menu – New Repository

On the top menu bar, click on to + sign

Repository – Private

Choose to create a Private Repository…


Soul Searching

It is incredible how little it takes to encourage better Angels

  1. Linux Torvalds
    • Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More)
  2. Troy Hunt
    • Troy Hunt web site



Dedicated to Troy Hunt




02 June 2017

I’m in Belgium! After 35 hours of travel to Porto in Portugal then 2 days of workshop plus a user group there, I’m now in Leuven which is in the home of epic Belgium beer. I’m now into day 2 of another workshop here after having done a user group on Azure last night so it’s turning into a very long week. Not a lot of new stuff to talk about blog wise, but I share what it’s like doing these events and some of the things I learn along the way.

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