WordPress – Stats / Search Terms :- “Unknown Search Terms”



Occasionally, I review the stats on our WordPress Blog.

It is good way to gauge readership aggregated by Country, Posts, and clicks.


Search Tags

Another coverage is the actual Search Tags that brought traffic to the site.


Stats for 2017-May-31st


Here is the one for today…


Just about all entries are marked “Unknown“.


Why “Unknown”

Why the opacity in “Search Terms“:


  1. Privacy
  2. Legal Protection




Search Engines encrypt the search tags entered by their users.  For the sake of privacy and to better protect web users activities, Search Engine providers are moving to encrypt the data entered by users.

They allow end users to enter the search tags, utilize those search tags to find matches, decline to pass them along when users click on links, and save the encrypted version.

Legal Protection

Force Governments & Law Enforcements to request Subpoena Order before handing over Users Search History.

This protects the providers themselves from lawsuits brought by grieved users and shareholders.



Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have all transitioned to encrypting search tags and not forwarding it.

Browsers can also be configured not to forward the referrer and search tags.

Search Engines


  1. Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default
    Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager – Bing
    Published On :- 2015-Jun-15th



In follow-up posts, will talk about avenues available through Search Providers and WordPress to regain some of these insights.

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