Linux & Windows – Simple File Transfer Using FileZilla


There is a little insight that I need to reach for.

It has to do with LogFiles on a couple of Application Servers that run on Linux.



I tried creating some sample text files on the Linux host, but I could only type in three lines or so.

I know that I generate a lot of errors on my SQL Server boxes, so opted to avail those on the Linux boxes and play with those instead.




FileZilla is free, Open Source, and there is a Portable Version.


Download it from here.



Availed it by launching the *.paf.exe file



Configure Host through Site Manager

Let us explicitly configure our remote Host.

Access Site Manager through menu items “File” \ “Site Manager …”


  1. Enter Host Name
  2. Protocol :- SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  3. Logon Type :- interactive
  4. User :- Enter your user name
    • In our case dadeniji
  5. Password :- Enter your password
    • As we chose Interactive for Logon Type, the password text box is disabled
  6. Click the Connect to connect to the remote host


File Listing




Please navigate your directory structure, select the files you want to copy over, and drag and drop them onto the Target Folder.

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