Aireforge Studio


Noticed performance differences on a database job that runs across a few servers.

And, so what to do, but identify differences across the servers.


SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT ) & Oracle Data Modeler

I like both SQL Server Data Tools and Oracle Data Model, but really wanted something lite.

As for SSTS, I wanted something lightweight, no install.

And, as for Oracle Data Modeler, I did not want to have to download JDBC Drivers and also something that at least theoretically generate Schema Upgrade Scripts for databases other than Oracle.



As always Googled for free tools.

There were are a lot of hits and struggled to pay attention to fine details as to which products are actually free and the limitations; that is does it only work for 40 tables, etc.


AireForge Studio

Finally, found Aireforge Studio.

It seems I got lucky as it does more that I had in mind; as it compares at the Instance & Database configuration levels, as well.

Most other tools compare individual database objects.



Aireforge is downloadable from here.


Installed it.




Here is out screen once we have configured  the Instances, we are targeting.



Here we choose the SQL Instances, we want to compare.



Compare Results

Instance Properties


  1. Here, a big Gotcha
    • On the Test box, we are still running RTM.
    • Whereas on the other boxes, we are running SP2


Startup Properties


  1. On other environments besides D (Dev), we installed against Drive E:
    • As install targeted drive E:, the master database file are on E:
    • The full filename for the master database is used during SQL Server Startup or shall we say bootstrap


Job Step Configuration


  1. Unlike other compare result visuals, we are only showing three SQL Instances above
    • The reason being that we took the Test Instance down to upgrade RTM to the latest Service Pack ( SP2 )
  2. The lone Job Step identified is “IndexOptimize



AireForge’s original name is OmniCompare.

Here are some other links:

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