Skype – High I/O


Noticed my computer running high I/O.

And, so launched Task Manager to try to determine cause.


Task Manager


Here is a screenshot from a few minutes ago.



The items we want to measure are I/O Reads and I/O Writes as they show us the number of I/Os that are occurring.

We do want to stay watching for a bit to gauge how frequently they are being updated and at what rate.

And, later consider I/O Read Bytes and I/O Write Bytes.


Processes Identified

Here are the processes identified:

  1. svchost.exe
  2. Skype.exe
  3. sqlservr.exe
  4. System
  5. csrss.exe
  6. jusched.exe




I know that I am not running Skype and so what is with it running high I/O


System Configuration Utility ( msconfig.exe )

Launch msconfig.exe to see if skype is configured to auto-start.

Looked for it under the “Services” and “Startup” Tab.

Tab – Startup

Tab – Startup – Current



  1. Found Skype

Tab – Startup – Disabled

Disabled Skype as a Startup Item



Desktop – Status Bar

Access the Skype icon from the Desktop Status Bar.


And, chose the Quit option.


Skype Configuration

Btw, we could have disabled Skype from auto-starting through the Skype Interface, itself.

To do so, please launch Skype and log in.

Tools – Options

Please access the Options via the menu item Tools\ Options.

Tools – Options – General Settings

Start Skype When I Start Windows – Checked

We want to stay on the General Settings Tab.

And, focus in on “Start Skype when I start Windows“.



Start Skype When I Start Windows – Unchecked




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