WinOS – Identify Large Files Using SpaceSniffer



As I left the house of worship on a couple of days ago, someone asked me what is the best way to free up storage on a hard drive.

I said I will send him some notes in the days thereafter.



Downloaded SpaceSniffer from Uderzo Software.

The product folder is here.

And, the Portable version is here.


The latest version is and file size is 1.58 MB.



Again, no need to install, just run as it is a portable software.



  1. The first thing to do is to choose your targeted Drive
    • In our case, we only have one drive and that is our Local Disk ( C: )
  2. Scan Starts
    • The Application starts scanning our targeted disk
  3. Scan Results
    • Found Files includes
      • hiberfil.sys
      • pagefile.sys
  4. Filter
    • It is beneficial to narrow on big files or specific file types
    • Filtering is accomplished by entering tags such as
      • Size
        • >10mb
          • Files greater than 10 Megabytes
      • Size and File Types
        • >10mb; *.mp*
          • File Sizes greater than 10 Megabytes
          • File Types *.mp* – *.mp will include mp3 & mpeg
  5. Errors & Warnings
    • Access Denied
      • There are some folders that are locked down.  The list includes
        • c:\windows\system32\LogFiles
        • c:\windows\system32\spool


Screen Shots

Choose your Space


Master Status : Scanning…




Filtering by File Size

Filtering by File Size > 10MB


Filtering by File Size & File Types

Filtering by File Size > 10MB and file Types *.mp*



Errors and Warnings

Access Denied


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