WordPress – Changing Primary Domain



I have been journaling via WordPress for a while now.

And, it serves as one of my primary tools for juggling back to what I have learned and not fully learnt over the years.

And, using it in that most intimately ways, I myself will be bothered when I am trying to recollect something and ADs pop up.

And, so brought out the Credit Card and ran up $99 or so for the paid version.


Paid Version

The unpaid version goes [username].wordpress.com.  basically a sub-domain name under wordpress.com.

The paid version comes with a domain name.

With the paid version got to choose a domain name and chose learningInTheOpen.org



A few years ago changed to the new domain name, but it was so easy and so quick I did not feel I took down good notes.

And, so reverted until I could get some screenshots and share the steps.



  1. Access your wordpress and login as an Administrator
  2. Access MySite
  3. From the left panel menu, choose Domains
  4. On the Domain Settings page, choose “Make Primary”
  5. On the Primary Domain page, click the “Update Primary Domain”  button




My Site





Domain Settings



Primary Domain – Initial




Primary Domain – Completed




Dedicating to Matt Mullenweg, Mike Little, and all those who work and post on WordPress.

Like that singer said, we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time.

But, we do have to place something in the public domain.

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