iPhone – Uninstalling App



  1. Click the Settings button
  2. On the Settings screen, click the General button
  3. On the < Settings < General screen, click the Storage & iCloud Usage button
  4. On the < General < Storage & iCloud Storage, the phone and iCloud Storage Metrics are shown
    • Under the Storage group, click the Manage Storage button
    • The Storage utilized by each installed App is shown
      • On my phone the biggest drags are
        • Garageband ==> 1.56 GB
        • iMovie ==> 680 MB
        • Keynote ==> 623.3 MB
        • Pages ==> 398.1 MB
        • Numbers ==> 387.6 MB
      • The Apps that I want out are
        • Torremolinos Travel Guide
    • Click on > by each app
      • The Storage > Info screen appears
      • The documents and Data allocated appears
      • Please click “Delete App” by each App that you want to of there

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