SQL Server Life Cycle Support



My Director has been behind for a while here.

The imperatives are:

  1. Prepare Inventory list of all SQL Server Installs; the server name and current Version Number
  2. Apply latest Service Packs to all SQL Server Instances that are out of compliance
  3. Chart Upgrade path for the next few years to ensure that we narrow the list of versions that we are supporting


SQL Server Life Cycle Support

Stated below are the “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) and Last Service Pack dates for the various versions of SQL Server.

We also noted the End of Mainstream and End of Extended Support where one has been officially announced by Microsoft.


Version Service Pack Release Date End of Mainstream End of Extended
SQL 2016 SP1 RTM :-  2016-June-1st
SP1   :-   2016-Nov-16th
 SQL 2014  SP2 RTM :- 2014-April-1st
SP2   :- 2016-July-11th
 SQL 2012  Sp3 RTM :- 2012-Mar-6th
SP3 :- 2015-Nov-23rd
 SQL 2008/R2  SP3 RTM :- 2010-April-21st
SP3 :- 2014-Sept-26th
 July 8th, 2014  July 9th, 2019
 SQL 2008  SP4 RTM :- 2008-April-7th
SP4 :- 2014-Sept-30th
 Jan 14th, 2014  Jan 8th, 2019
 SQL 2005  Sp4 RTM :- 2005-Nov-7th
SP4 :- 2010-Dec-17th
 April 12th, 2011  April 12th, 2016
 SQL 2000  SP4 RTM :- 2000-Nov
SP4 :- 2005-May-6th
 April 2008  April 9th, 2013




  1. v2005, v2000
    • Upgrade all current installs to 2014 and v2016
  2. v2008 & v2008/R2
    • Identify instances running v2008 and v2008/R2
    • Consult with clients and corresponding vendors
    • Plan and target upgrade for 2nd and 3rd quarter 2017 and First half of 2018

Current Landscape

  1. We do not have any SQL Instances running v2000, v2005, v2008
  2. We have 5 instances running v2008-R2



Microsoft – SQL Server Release Services

  1. 2008 and 2008-R2
    • End of Mainstream support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2
  2. 2000
    • End of Extended Lifecycle Support for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4


Products & Service Pack

SQL Server 2014

  1. SQL Server 2014 – RTM
  2. Server & Tools Blogs > Data Platform Blogs > SQL Server Release Services
    SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 2 is now Available !!!


Toad World – Release Date Calendar

  1. SQL Server 2008 Release Date Calendar
  2. SQL Server 2005 Release Date Calendar
  3. SQL Server 2000 Release Date Calendar

Microsoft Build Versions

  1. All
    1. SQL Server and Updates Builds Numbers
  2.  v2016
    • SQL Server 2016 build versions
  3. v2014

Service Pack List

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Version List

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