Dr. Juanita Bynum:- 2017-January


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  1. Juanita Bynum
      • Small Segment on the Role of the Holy Spirit
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        Published On :- 2017-Jan-21st
  2. Bishop Neil Ellis, Nassau Bahamas
    • BEFORE THE SCANDAL Neil Ellis Prophecy for Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
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          Published on :- 2010-Oct-01
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  3. Eddie Long
    • Eddie Long – Last Full Sermon
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        Published On :- 2017-Jan-17th



Neil Ellis

BEFORE THE SCANDAL Neil Ellis Prophecy for Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

  1. Spirits
    • Spirit of Fear
  2. Faith
    • A faith that has not been tested, is a faith that can not be trusted
  3. Overcome
    • When it stops it is graduation and celebration




  1. If you do not know my pain, you can not understand my praise
  2. I had a nervous situation and the Doctors said I will never get well
  3. I had a divorce
  4. I was on welfare
  5. I found him to be
    • A Doctor in the sickroom
    • A Lawyer in the Courtroom
    • A healer
  6. Whatever situation you find yourself in
    • Praise you way out
  7. I don’t care how long it takes, I don’t mind waiting
  8. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation
  9. Not just waiting on Christ
  10. He knows the way that I take and after he has tried me, I shall come out
    • Job 23:10 [ Link ]
  11. Early one morning after I had made the sacrificial offering
    • The presence of the Lord filled the room


  1. Think enough of me to sow anything to me
  2. Birthdays
    • Are a reflective time for me
    • Reflective time for me
  3. Situations Arise
    • See a lot
    • Hear a lot
    • Yet, you have to be very careful
  4. When issues arise
    • Is it any of my business?
      • No Gossips
      • No backroom of  Churches
      • If food prepared, then I say can you wrap it up
    • That is beneficial
      • Stay true to self
      • Walk around fragmented
      • What you think or so is your idea or someone else
  5. Things going on in the body of Christ
    • Conquer Christianity
    • Enemy captures the essence of Christianity and make it look as if we were lack unity
  6. John 3:11
    • Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen, but you do not receive our testimony.
      If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?
      No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man.
      ( John 3:11 ) [ Link ]
  7. You can not talk about anything
    • Requirement
      • unless you know what you are talking about
      • Are you an eyewitness to what actually happened
    • Disqualification
      • That said, it disqualifies many people
  8. When attacked, we teach
  9. When something is being said, then sometimes you have to speak to it
    • If the shoe fits, wear it
  10. James 1:19
    • Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;
      ( James 1:19 )
  11. I wrote down 4 pages of notes
    • When I see that those many notes are required over one isolated situation ..
      • Then I think that the situation may have a thread that runs through it, but if the thread like a piece of yarn unravels itself 
      • Then there is no way an intelligent person, a spiritually intelligent person, can grab one item and begin to harp on that one item
      • Because there is too much
      • It does not include one conversation
      • Not one dialogue, but so many dialogues
    • We have to see how we have conducted ourselves
    • What we say and how we say it
    • And, I saw from my notes that is something I leave alone
  12. I live my life out loud
  13. I live right
    • No one is coming to my hotel room
  14. My silence  { Segment 16th Minute }
    • My silence does not mean fear
    • It means that I respect you too much to disagree with you in public
  15. People say you have to stand for the Gospel { Segment 17-19th Minute }
    • And, I have done that, and I have been doing that for many years
    • And, standing with people who feel the choices they have made in their lives was not God’s Choice
    • But, you can only do that for people who feel convicted
    • Not for people who feel they are right and this is their personhood
    • We cannot believe that everyone is going to want Jesus
    • We cannot be so self-righteous that everyone is gonna want salvation
    • I am called to those who are in question about their decision
    • Called to those whom God has given an ear and they are hearing something in their Spirit
    • And, they are hearing that their own Spirit is in disagreement with their lifestyle
    • And, so when they come seeking, I am there to love them
  16. Preaching at Bishop “Goldstein?” Church
    • Went initially to teach on Prayer for 6 weeks
    • Was there all year, because God took over
    • 6 Months
    • Daniel Lamonte? came in
      • Dressed as a woman
      • Go get him and hug him
      • Hug him until he feels the presence of God
      • To this day he is a man of God
  17. There is a system that was put in place many years ago
    • A system where people are dealt with in a very harsh way to deliver the word of God
    • Preached symptoms rather than they preach the Gospel
    • Preach precepts
    • Rather than preach on to get people better
      • We preach on what they are doing
      • How they are doing it
      • Whom they are doing with it
      • And, what they look like
  18. Authority
    • Who has the authority to get people better
  19. Different people called at Different Seasons
  20. If instruction not properly impacted
    • Anger if given in Anger
  21. But, people are so damaged in this hour ( Segment 25 )
    • They are hurting in ways, we know not of
    • People love God and I know that they do
    • We see people some people can accept God and God takes them out
      • Not everyone that loves God can live for him
      • Not everyone has that will power
    • Everyone doesn’t have that kind of Strength
      • That is why we are to praise God when he strengthens us

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