Twins :- Adopted Or Just Different


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  1. Mia and Alexandra
    • Independent Lens | Twin Sisters | Sibling Love | PBS
      Channel :- Independent Lens
      Published on :- 2015-Sept-18th
      Demoted on :- 2019-November-13th
    • Official trailer TWIN SISTERS
      Channel :- TWIN SISTERS Documentary Film
      Published on :- 2018-October-18th
      Added on :- 2019-November-13th
    • The Amazing Story of Twin Sisters
    • The Movie
  2. Lucy and Maria Aylmer
    • Good Morning Britain
      • Non-Identical Twins | Good Morning Britain
  3. Cunningham Twins
    • ABC News
      • Biracial Couple Gives Birth to Twins: One Black, One White | Good Morning America | ABC News
      • Profile
        • Parents suffer grief and discrimination because of the medical rarity. This couple gave birth to biracial twins – one black and one white.
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  4. Anais Bordier & Samantha Futerman
    • ABC News
      • Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite
  5. Audrey Doering & Gracie Rainsberry
    • On Good Morning America
      • Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite on ‘GMA’
      • Identical Twins Reunited on ‘GMA’ Explore NYC Together
    • ABC News
      • Identical Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite





Mia & Alexandra

The Story


In this heartwarming documentary, identical twins Mia and Alexandra were found as babies in a cardbox in China in 2003. They were separated and put up for adoption to two families from opposite corners of the world: One of them from a small village in Norway, surrounded by high mountains and deep fjords, and the other from the major American city of Sacramento, California.

The twins are reunited by destiny when, incredibly, their adoptive mothers brought identical red gingham dresses for them to wear on adoption day. This startling coincidence made the mothers take note of each other and start talking. That’s when they noticed that the girls looked very much alike… but the orphanage denied that the girls were related.

Six months later, established a world apart, truth has its day when DNA tests confirm that the girls are identical twins.

A true story of inspiration, Twin Sisters follows Mia and Alexandra through an uplifting parallel journey until they reunite in Norway when they are 8 years old. This is one of those feel-good stories that will make you cry, laugh, and think about the people you miss in your life. Among the top documentaries in the world, this award-winning film has been seen by an estimated 20 million people so far, and broadcast by 30 TV channels around the world.