David Hairabedian


Here is a brief profile on David Hairabedian.





One can imagine that someone who gave the Feds 20 years has a lot of catching up to do.

It appears that David has done so.

Here are some teachings that he and his wife ministry have self shared.


  1. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pt 1/3
    • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pt 2/3
    • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pt 3/3
  2. The Four Prophetic Gifts
    • The Four Prophetic Gifts, David C. Hairabedian, VirtualChurchMedia.com



The Four Prophetic Gifts

  1. Gifts
    • Prophesy
      • Hear from God and communicate God’s mind and his heart
      • Not just communicate God’s word, but his heart, as well
      • You do not have to tell people everything God showed you.
        • Give God space to move in the person’s life:
          • Minister it in love
          • Just tell them a little bit and the Holy Spirit will do the rest
      • 1st Corinthians 14:3
        • On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation
          • Encourage, Strengthen, and Comfort
      • Once one flows well in the area of 1st Corinthians 14:3, then God will be able to send one out in the area of correction and rebuke
      • The wound of a friend are faithful
        • Proverbs 27:6
          • Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy
  2. What are the gifts?
    • Word of Knowledge
      • Specific Facts that was not obtained by natural means
      • No directional guidance
      • Birth faith in the other person
        • It encourages them that God is hearing them
        • It arouses in them the faith that God wants to heal them
      • When a Spirit starts to operate they reveal the giver
        • Point to the giver
        • God is in the house not passively, but actively
        • The Holy Spirit starts to show the intent that is coming in
      • Create a new atmosphere
        • Push out little gods
      • Anointing Versus Presence
        • Presence
          • Comes once you are saved and it remains as you dwell in him
          • Presence is for you
            • And,
          • The presence is not for anybody, but for you
        • Anointing
          • Comes to go do his work
        • Sampson
          • Sampson had the anointing, but not necessary his presence
        • Do you want more of God’s presence
          • Get rid of Delilah
            • Get rid of Ahab
            • Or Jezebel
      • Example
        • Jesus goes to Samaria ( John 4 )
          • And, he had a Word of knowledge for the woman
          • I perceive that you are a Prophet



Just found out via YouTube that Susan Hairabedian, the mother who prayed for David, just transitioned to eternity.

Here is the youtube video.


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