WordPress – Find posts assigned to a Category


Trying to add new categories to our menu and discovered that we have duplicate category names.

Here is how to discover the Posts using a specific category.

Afterwards you can consider re-assigning those posts to the one category that you will like to keep.



Find Categories


Go your Categories section.

First visit the category page and search out categories.

Here is a template URL for it https://<sub-domain>.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=category.

Or you can go to your Dashboard / Posts / Categories.


Find the Category

In the Text box, enter the Category Name and click on the “Search Categories“.

We searched on Anti-Virus and the System quickly returned the list below..




In the result page, we see two entries for Anti-Virus

  1. The first Anti-Virus
    • It’s slug is anti-virus
    • Count is 6
  2.  And, the second Anti-Virus
    • It’s slug is anti-virus-ms-sql-server
    • Count is 1


Access Category Option

For each Category displayed, you can hover over the Category and dig deeper into the Category.

Once you hover over a Category, the menu pasted below is displayed


Here is what happens when we click on each Category.

BTW, we opened each one in a new Tab.

This ensures that we do not lose our place.


Edit Category Option – Category [1]

Here is our first category


We can see that the Parent is the Technical Category.


Edit Category Option – Category [2]

Here is our second category




  1. Name  :- Anti-Virus
  2. Parent :- MS SQL Server




  1. Name  :- Anti-Virus ( SQLServer )
    • We renamed Anti-Virus to Anti-Virus (SQLServer )
  2. Parent :- MS SQL Server
    • And, left category as MS SQL Server


Categories – After



Upon renaming the “duplicate” entry, we return to the Categories section.

Our entries are now Anti-Virus & Anti-Virus ( SQLServer).



Once our categories are distinct, let us quickly return to the premise behind the clarification.

And, that is to add a new Category to our menu.



  1. Now when we search on Anti-Virus, we have two distinct entries
    • Anti-Virus
    • And, Anti-Virus ( SQLServer )

We will later go on to select Anti-Virus and Add it our menu.

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