SQL Server Instance Installation Date


Clearing up my heavy stack of dried woods masquerading has white papers.

I really like a post courtesy of Tim Radney.

In the specific post he spoke to how to get SQL Server Installation Date based on looking at sys.server_principals and fetching the record for NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

He says the create_date column for that record will bear the SQL Instance Install date.



Tim Radney’s Version

SELECT create_date
FROM sys.server_principals
WHERE sid = 0x010100000000000512000000


Customized Version

;with ctePrincipal
	, [datePrincipalCreated]

	select top 1
			, tblSSP.[create_date]

	FROM sys.server_principals tblSSP 

			( tblSSP.[name] like 'NT AUTHORITY%' )
		or  ( tblSSP.[name] like 'NT SERVICE%' )

	order by
		tblSSP.[create_date] asc


		, tblSSP.[type_desc]

		, [dateCreated]
			= tblSSP.create_date
FROM sys.server_principals tblSSP 

INNER JOIN ctePrincipal cteP
	on tblSSP.[name] = cteP.[principal]




  1. I changed Tim Radney’s code a bit
    • I did not want to hardcode NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
    • And, instead looked at all the records in the targeted table ( sys.server_principals )

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