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Playing around with using Google Docs from iPhone this afternoon.  I really did not want to have to enter Credit Card Information to use the suggested Apps.

In the middle of that or other things, I found that a new icon is now part of the my Hotmail interface.


Boomerang, The Movie

Yes, I liked Eddie Murphy and Leila Rashon in the Boomerang Movie.

But, what does that have to with my hotmail.


So here is what occurs when I am reviewing emails, there is a nice lettered indicator that reads Boomerang.



Uninstall Boomerang


  1. Login to Hotmail
  2. On the Top Menu Bar, click on the Mail Settings icon
  3. From the Mail Settings menu, choose Manage Integrations
  4. The Add-Ins for Outlook panel appears
    • The “All” Tab is displayed initially
    • Please choose “My Add-ins” to review the ones you have enabled
    • Turn off all unnecessary ones


Screen Shot

Top Menu Bar



Mail Settings Menu



Add-Ins for Outlook

Add-Ins for Outlook – All



Add-Ins for Outlook – My add-ins – Initial Screen



Add-Ins for Outlook – My add-ins – Boomerang – Disabled



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