Got  assigned a problem ticket yesterday.

I really need desktop access to the end user’s computer.

It is not walking distance and so I really have to go with a Desktop Sharing Application.

Asked around and was told that zoom.us is our new corporate directive.



Really hate learning new things, but really can not have this ticket languish away in my Ticketing system either.

So let us see how hard it will be to come up to speed with Zoom.us


  1. Goto [corporation].zoom.us
  2. Access Signin
    • Look for the signin button
    • Click on it
  3. The profile screen appears
    • Choose to “Host a meeting
    • Choose the “Share Screen” option
    • Download the Zoom.us plugin or if already downloaded please accept to use it
    • For first time use, please accept plugin download and install it, by running it



Launch Web browser

Launch a web browser and enter the customized URL for company.

That URL is



Access Sign In




The profile screen appears …


On the Profile Screen, we have the following offerings..

  1. Schedule a meeting
  2. Join a meeting
  3. Host a meeting


Hosting a meeting

For us, we will choose to host a meeting.

Ready to go right away.



Screen Share Only

I just need to have one of my peers share his Screen and so will go with the “Screen Share Only” option.


Launch Application




A modal dialog prompts us with the following message:

Header :- Open URL:Zoom Launcher
Message :- Always open links for URL : Zoom Launcher

Please choose to go forward by clicking on the “Open URL:Zoom launcher”


Download & Install Plugin

If this is your first time, please choose to download the plugin.

Once downloaded, please install the plugin.


Select a window or an application to share


For us we chose to share the entire desktop.

Security or for privacy concern, you might instead choose to select a specific application.


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