Open Live Writer


Now that I am back commuting and have a work issued laptop, I find myself reading far less than I should.

But, writing a bit more.


Desktop Blogging Tool

I did not construct a careful, through discovery as to what the current climate looks like for desktop blogging tools.

But, always knew I wanted something that is minimalist.

My hopes has always been, that it:

  1. Would work on whichever the laptop’s OS is; in this case it is MSFT
  2. Is freely available
  3. Works Offline
  4. Though works offline, bi-directional synchs with WordPress


Open Live Writer

The tool that I am most familiar with is Live Writer.

As that tool is no longer being actively developed by MSFT, settling on Open Live Writer was not hard.



  1. Text Formatting
    • Very rich editing stencils
      • Ability to format text as Headers ( H1 thru H6 )
      • Supports selected text formatting options such as Bold, Italicize, underline, strikeout, subscript, superscript
    • List Handling ( Numbered and Bullet lists )
    • Align ( Left Align, Right Align, Center, Justify )
    • Font
      • Various fonts available in Windows and ability to specify sizes
    • Coloring
    • Block Quotes
  2. Grouping Tools
    • Table
    • Horizontal line
    • Split Post



  1. Picture
  2. Video
  3. Maps – Bing Map
  4. Tags – Supported Providers includes Technorati, Live Journal, Flickr, del,, Icerocket, 43 Things, Buzznet


Blogging Platform support

  1. Saving and Publishing
    • Post draft to blog
    • Publish post
    • Open recent post
    • Set post attributes
  2. Categories
    • Connects to Blogging Platform and downloads & avails your latest category list
  3. Tags
    • As categories are freetext they are not downloaded
    • Continue to use them Ad-hoc


Planned Features

There are features that have a bit of plumbing built in, but not yet fully baked.

Among those is support for plugins.



BTW, Open LiveWriter is available here.

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