SQL Server – Query SAM & AD Group members


Last week we had a problem and it went on further than it should have because I did not have access to the local machine.


Active Directory & Security Account Management (SAM)

There are two security databases that matter at the OS Level.

On each local machine, we have Security Account Management ( SAM ).

And, on the enterprise level we have Active Directory.

Thankfully, we can query both using xp_loginfo.




declare @privilege varchar(10)

set @privilege  = 'Not wanted'

EXEC xp_logininfo 
		  @acctname = [group-name]'
		, @option = 'members'
		, @privilege =  @privilege output



declare @privilege varchar(10)

set @privilege  = 'Not wanted'

EXEC xp_logininfo 
		  @acctname = 'BUILTIN\Administrators'
		, @option = 'members'
		, @privilege =  @privilege output





  1. As we would expect when we query the local BUILTIN\Administrators group
    • We see that the AD Domain Admins groups are listed
  2. Also listed is an additional internal group that I can’t disclose
  3. And, one other local account user; that I can not talk about either



It is a simple query, but it allows me to write a script that queries all of SQL Server Instances.

Upon querying those servers, we can arrange for our internal DBA group to have remote desktop access to the machines.



Connect Items

  1. Please extend xp_logininfo to be be able to query groups that do not have SQL Server Access
    ID :-  3112040
    Status :- Active
    Type :- Suggestion ( Bug )
    Opened On :- 2016-Nov-18th

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