Chrome on Older OSes ( MS Windows 2003 )


One of the side-effects of auto-updated software such as Google’s Chrome is one no longer has access to the Install Binaries.

If you find yourself needing to download and install Google Chrome on an out of service OS, please take to the Internet and search out an offline installer.

Here are ones I have found for the last available version of Chrome for MS Windows 2003.

BTW, the version for MS Windows 2003 is 49.0.2623.112.


Download Links

Version = 49.0.2623.112


Web Site Write Up Targeted OS Media Link
 x32 Link
Software Mirrors Link  Link
 x32  Link




Application Files

The media listed here are not the actual installers, but the application files themselves.


The app files are bundled into a self ex-tractable exe.

Web Site Write Up
SlimJet  Link




Here is how SlimJet describes its delivery mechanism:

The old versions of Chrome are packed as 7zip self-extracting executable. Just run the executable and extract the files under any folder on your hard drive. Then launch Google chrome with chrome.exe under the extraction folder.

SlimJet has files for the following OSes:

  • Microsoft ( 32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Linux ( Ubuntu & Debian )
  • Mac OS

Older Versions

Web Site Write Up Versions Available
Old Versions Link Google Chrome Beta – 46.0.2490.80




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