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  1. Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers are so Useful to God
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      • There is a question many people ask. “Why does God allow bad things to happen to his people?”
        This spirit-filled message clearly spells out how God uses pain in our lives. 
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  2. Graham Cooke ~ 04 ‘Fruit Of The Spirit’ (08/2013)
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  3. Clothed In His Presence with Graham Cooke
    • Here’s a 15 minute clip from Clothed In His Presence, a devotional soaking CD by Graham Cooke (featuring worship from Bob Book). This CD can be purchased exclusively here
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  4. Understanding Your Spiritual Lens –  Aug 2013 complete sermon
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Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers are so Useful to God

  1. Declaration
    • Prophecy
    • What happens
      • Season of distress
      • Work in you heart to get out of you what should not be there
      • Every
  2. Development of Potential
  3. Demonstration of what God said he will do in the first place
  4. Ministry Trajectory
    • God takes you from your ministry into fellowship with him
    • God will take you as far away from your ministry as far as he can take you
    • Take you into a place where only God wants to know you
    • Dedicated to working for an audience of 1
  5. Approval of God
    • Approval of God because he loves you
  6. You learn lessons
  7. Contradiction
    • Revelation to Manifestation
    • Prophecy received to fulfilled
  8. If you do not know what God is doing, it is going to kill you
  9. Joseph
    • Dream to Pit
    • Pit to Slavery
  10. Wounded
    • Absolutely essential that you are wounded in the ministry
    • Really important that you are betrayed and wounded
    • Man of sorrow acquainted with grief
  11. Handle Rejection of your brothers
  12. His Brothers later reminisced
    • Genesis 42:21-22
      They said to one another, “Surely we are being punished because of our brother. We saw how distressed he was when he pleaded with us for his life, but we would not listen; that’s why this distress has come on us.”Reuben replied, “Didn’t I tell you not to sin against the boy? But you wouldn’t listen! Now we must give an accounting for his blood.”
  13. Holy Spirit
    • Learn to trust God for everything
      • Health
      • Finances
    • God is learning to trust us
      • Jesus
        • Father glorify your name
        • We cry out most for rescue
      • We say God get me out of this, and God reply it took me 6 months to get you into it
      • If you can’t learn out to glorify God
        • You will want stupid thing
          • Title
            • Apostle
        • At the pinnacle of your ministry, you will find out your ministry was all about you
        • Self Exalted
        • Ministry
          • Servant
          • Stewardship
          • Slavery
        • The things like Apostle, Prophets, Teachers are not titles
          • They are Job Descriptions
        • Matthew 23:8-12
          But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers.
          And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.
          Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Christ.
          The greatest among you shall be your servant.
          For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
  14. Hurt is important
    • We learn Grace & Mercy
  15. All of us will face Dead by Installments
  16. Dying to Self does not have to be a difficult process
  17. It is not embittered trust
    1. I love God, but I hate people
  18. We have two relationships with God
    • A vertical relationship with him
    • And, an horizontal one, as well
  19. You have to get heal
    • You do not have a right to be wounded
    • But, you have a right to be healed
  20. Be able to look back
    • And, hold no animosity to those who hurt us
  21. I trust God so much, that I can afford to trust people fully
  22. Time is more important currency than Price
    • Ripped off by a fellow
    • Made up my mind to be innocent
    • No Purity without Innocence
  23. Will rather live with material loss, than with weariness thinking of what is lost
  24. You can look at the ministry these days
    • All about money, money
    • Bitter against people
    • Things they pass through with people, and what remains is “Unresolved Hurt”
    • When one listens to them, one does not hear a clear sound from them
    • God allows in his wisdom, what he can prevent through power
    • God used them to change him
  25. Where we must come …
    • We must come to a place of kindness and generosity
    • If we wait for God to vindicate us, we will wait for a very long time
    • Don’t make your healing conditional on your vindication
  26. Someone came saying he had a dream and received a scroll.  He opened the Scroll and read his vindication
    • Response I gave is
      • The dream is not from God
      • It is coming from your Soul
      • Your Soul is playing games with you
      • The Soul is telling you what you want the most
      • The Devil is cunning you
  27. You are more liable to be vindicated when it does not matter anymore
  28. You can see God’s hand in you treatment by others, but you are too busy and rejoicing in being used by God
  29. You know you are healed because you can come to a place of providing for those who hurt you
  30. Final Test
    • Bless the ministry
    • Provide the ministry
    • Make a way for them
  31. Process is knowing what God is doing in you and through you
  32. Crisis always leads us to process
  33. Series of tests ordained by God
  34. Once God speaks to us, he develops us
  35. After the calling, comes the training
  36. What you allow yourself to learn in Adversity will stay with you throughout your LIFE
  37. Distress & Development are interwoven
  38. What Joseph learnt in Prison
    • Skill sets
      • Language
      • Land Management
      • How to work with really powerful people
      • Brilliant Administration
      • People Management
      • Business Management
      • Interpret dreams
        • Because God was with him
    • He had other tests
      • Test of Purity
        • Sanctification and Personal Holiness
        • Sin
          • Can not sin against God
          • The whole thing is to get you to a place where you make predetermined choices
          • Can not manage Sin
            • The only thing you can when sin comes is run from it
            • You can not fight it
            • But run from it
  39. Cannot jump from one level to another
    • When you climb one peak in the Ministry
      • You cannot just move over to another one
      • You have to go back down
        • As you have to unlearn some things
    • You have to be hurt all over again
    • The same word carried him through all 3 pits that he will face in his life
  40. Depth
    • The depth that you allow God to take you
    • God will not be able to trust you
  41. Once you really find God, you can not lose God
    • He breaks you
  42. There is a test of Purity
  43. And, then there is a test of Patience
    • He interprets two dreams
    • But, he still has to wait two more years
  44. Development God is breaking you for himself
  45. People destroy with their Character what they built with their gift
  46. It is important to identify stages of Development
  47. Mentor says to Graham
    • Die Quietly, no one wants to hear you scream
  48. Your pit becomes a well that the Holy Spirit fills up
  49. Finally, there is a Demonstration
  50. God does not measure time, he measures growth
  51. Give to God submission
    • And, that way God accelerate your teaching
  52. God and the Devil both have the same thing in common
    • God is trying to kill your flesh
  53. He does not measure our success by what we accomplish
  54. Measure of Success – Faithfulness
    • Ezekiel
      • The people are stubborn
      • 20 old years of prophetic ministry, and yet they went into exile
  55. Measure of Success – Perseverance [ 1 hour ]
    • If you can not persevere in your own Training, what is the likelihood you will persevere when Spiritual Warfare comes
    • If you let go in your Development, what makes you think you will let go in your Ministry
    • It takes longevity to be successful in your Ministry
    • I knew she was going to win a medal as I watch on the Training Track
    • Friends On the West Side
      • The rehearsal you go through are 10 times tougher on the Opening Night
    • You have to look for the Majesty of God
    • You will not know the majesty of God in the good times, if you have not experienced it in
    • Know Humility & Suffering
    • If you have being
    • If you have been dealt with God
    • The first rule of Spiritual Warfare is “You can not take grounds from the enemy, if he has got grounds in you
  56. God releases his blessings in proportion to the Character you allow him to develop in you
  57. You don’t have to grasp for anything
  58. His presence will fill the area you have allowed him into
  59. So many people are hoping for the Presence of God, but are not planning to make room
  60. Nobody is planning to be the best Christian that ever live.  But, have you got a plan to be the best one
  61. God deserves excellency
  62. A vision without a plan is just wistful thinking
  63. God knows the pain, he knows difficulty
  64. He knows the cost you have paid
  65. What pains him ( God ) is that we have not found him in it …
    • We just got bitter
    • All we did is look at the circumstances
    • All we did is look at the people
  66. The thing he most wanted to give us, we never claimed
  67. It is about you
    • Finding God
    • Being best friends with him
    • Submitting to his Lordship
  68. For some of us, the cycle has already started again
  69. But, now you know that your pain has got a purpose



  1. Graham Cooke / 2019


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