Church in Society – 2016/Oct

  1. Donald Trump & Religious Leaders
    • Donald Trump Meets with Religious Leaders, Including Robert Jeffress
      Published On: 2016-Sept-30
  2. Praying for Trump at Black Church: Pastors Pray for Donald Trump in Cleveland to be US President
    • Donald Trump, Mike Pence campaign with Don King, Ben Carson at Cleveland Heights church. Donald Trump Remarks at Church in Cleveland Heights.
      There are just seven weeks until the November election, and Republican candidate Donald Trump is making another stop in Northeast Ohio Wednesday.
      Trump and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence will take part in a discussion with pastors at the sanctuary of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights around 9 a.m.
      The church’s pastor, Dr. Darrell Scott, said the event was moved to Cleveland from Columbus on Sunday to provide adequate space for the taping of the Fox News town hall.
  3. Donald Trump in his own words
    • Donald Trump: “Two Corinthians…” (C-SPAN)
      Donald Trump at Liberty University
  4. Donald Trump, Mark Driscoll & Evangelicals Q&A John MacArthur & Al Mohler
    • Videos
      • Donald Trump, Mark Driscoll & Evangelicals Q&A John MacArthur & Al Mohler
        Published On: 2016-Mar-23
  5. Al Mohler
    • Mohler discusses Trump and evangelicals on CNN Tonight — October 11, 2016
      Published By : Southern Seminary
      Published On: 2016-Oct-11
  6. John F. MacArthur
    • John MacArthur | A Biblical response to Black Lives Matter & racism
      • Video #1
        Uploaded On :- 2016-Aug-18
        Stricked Out On :- 2018-Feb-2nd
  7. Dr. Russell Moore
    • Evangelical leader: Trump support hurts Christian credibi…
      In an interview with Jake Tapper, Dr. Russell Moore a prominent evangelical preacher said that top christian conservative leaders supporting Donald Trump are being hypocritical.
      Published On: Oct 10, 2016
  8. Perry Stone
    • Perry Stone – Announcing… I am leaving the Republican party! (October 11, 2016)
      In this prophecy service, Perry Stone will speak on the spirit of “Ahab and Jezebel” from ancient Israel returning to Washington that came to pass under the administration of Bill Clinton and the prophetic parallels that occurred in America during his presidency. Interestingly, the bible mentions an “Ivory House” in ancient Israel that Ahab and Jezebel resided in during their reign. After they left the “Ivory House”, Jezebel ended up “living there.” At the time of this writing, Hillary Clinton is now running for president, and quite possibly, will be the next commander in chief. Amazingly, this prophetic clue in scripture seems to indicate that Hillary Clinton will eventually end up being the next President of America.Perry will also relate a vision by minister William Brannon who saw that in the end times, just before the Tribulation starts and the return of Christ occurs, that cars would be in the shape of an egg or have an oval shape to them. He will relate the part of Brannon’s vision that describes America sinking under the influence of a woman in a high position of supposed authority. A powerful and informative revelation for these last days.

      • On 2016-10-20, removed by Youtube due to Copywrite Violation
      • Added On 2016-10-20
    • God knows the Unknown Coming to America
      • How God Exposes The Corruption Of A Nation | Part 1
      • How God Exposes The Corruption Of A Nation | Part 2
      • When God Makes A King His Servant | Part 3
      • Why Is The Battle So Intense During An Election Year? | Part 4
  9. Max Lucado
    • Pastor Reveals His ‘Tipping Point’ About Donald Trump | ‘Dana’
      Pastor Max Lucado of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, heard enough about Trump being “Christian” and has finally broken his silence in an op-ed discussing the importance of “decency”.
  10. Dr. Michael Brown
    • Why Evangelical Christians Should Have a Problem with Donald Trump
  11. Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University
    • Falwell Jr.: I’m voting for Trump, despite allegations
    • Franklin Graham • The 2016 Election and Evangelical Christian Voters • 2/12/16
      Published On :- 2016-02-12
  12. Robert Jeffress
    • Pastor Robert Jeffress defends Trump after leaked 2005 audio
    • Dr. Robert Jeffress talks Trump’s evangelical appeal
    • Pastor Robert Jeffress Rallies For Donald Trump in Texas • 2/26/16
    • Pastor Robert Jeffress on Jesus’ Teachings
    • Megachurch Pastor Likes Trump More Than Jesus!
    • “Pope should seek DONALD TRUMP’S forgiveness” – Robert Jeffress
  13. Scott Burns
    • Trump surrogate confronted about faked biographical claims
      Donald Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns walks out of an interview with CNN’s Victor Blackwell when asked about false biographical claims. Burns later admitted that he “overstated” details of his biography.
  14. David Tepper
    • David Tepper slams Donald Trump for being selfish, calls him ‘father of lies’
      Added On : 2016-11-07


Dr. Russell Moore

  1. Hearing calls has to whether “Situation Ethics” and “Moral Relativism” has gone too far
  2. Mormons
    • Mormon never thought they were the majority
    • Cohesive community
      • What we believe
    • Might there be need for more Solid Community Building in the Bible Belt

Donald Trump, Mark Driscoll & Evangelicals Q&A John MacArthur & Al Mohler

  1. John MacAuthur
    • How much does morality matter to the Christian
  2. Al Mohler
    • EJ Dionne
      • Who is ruining the culture now?
    • Humiliation
      • We deserve the humiliation
      • Evangelicals are demonstrating huge amount of lack of discernment
    • Mainline Commentaries have limited categories
      • The categories are Secular people, Catholics, Jews, Evangelicals
      • During Elections we counted millions of Americans represented us
      • But, it seems that number is not theologically or biblical defined
      • The Gospel according to Jesus just by itself demonstrated that
      • Counted on Cultural Christianity to give us a buffer, but now the division is showing up with a vengeance
      • Who are evangelical voting for Donald Trump
        • The evangelicals who are not going to Church
    • The Believing Church is much smaller than the numbers that we have been citing for a long time
    • Let us hope that God is doing it so that we can learn from it


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