SQL Server – Messages – Backup


Reviewing SQL Server Agent jobs and came upon some messages that I wanted to be sure do not pose any risk.


SQL Server Agent

Backup Jobs




The specific messages that we will be digging more into are:

  1. 3014
  2. 3211


What do the messages mean?


set nocount on;

declare @language		   sysname
declare @languageID		   int	

declare @languageIDDefault int
declare @languageIDEnglish int

declare @sqlMessageID_3014 int
declare @sqlMessageID_3211 int

set @sqlMessageID_3014 = 3014
set @sqlMessageID_3211 = 3211

set @languageIDDefault = 0 
set @languageIDEnglish = 1033

set @language        = @@language

		Executed as user: LABDOMAIN\sqlAgent. ...rcent processed. [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 3211)  
		19 percent processed. [SQLSTATE 01000...  The step succeeded.
if (@language is not null)

	select @languageID	= tblSL.[langid]
	from   sys.syslanguages tbLSL
	where  tblSL.[name] = @language


if (
		(@languageID is null)

	set @languageID = @languageIDDefault


print 'Default Language ' + isNull(@language, '')
print 'Language ID ' + cast(isNull(@languageID, -1) as sysname)

select top 100 *
from   sys.messages tbLSM
where  (
			   (tblSM.language_id = @languageID)
			or (tblSM.language_id = @languageIDEnglish)
and    tblSM.message_id	in
			, @sqlMessageID_3211



What we did is query the master.sys.messages table

We filtered on

  1. The messages ID
    • 3014
    • 3211
  2. And, passed along the language ID






Message ID Severity  Interpretation
 3014 10  At the completion of backups, we are told how many pages were backed, how long it took, and throughput
 3211  10  When the stats option is passed, backup and restore commands render percentile status message on the progress


BTW, Severity 10 is an informational message as demonstrated here.

Database Engine Error Severities




If bothered by the 3211 message please remove the stats operand from the backup command.

Using the 3014 message, backup completions are logged to both the console and SQL Server’s errorlog.

Please enable the 3605 Trace Flag to suspend logging of backup completion to the errorlog.

It is not clear if one is able to dissuade logging to the console.

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