Life Talks – 2016 / Sept



Human lives still hold the strongest and most poignant stories of all tales and fables.

I have listed some of them below.

They range from Mark Henick’s opening up about his attempted suicides.  The presentation was part of series of talks given at Ted’s Talk Toronto.  The theme of the series is “The Choices we make“.

I found Shraddha’s story along the same topic so personal and endearing.  And, I think you will remember her for a long time.

But, first Kofi Boahene. His story is so uplifting as it talks about how chance encounters can right paths.

And, to close things out a good family and redeeming movie.



  1. Kofi Boahene
    • Johns Hopkins Surgeon: The Long Way Here – Kofi Boahene’s Story
    • Dr Kofi Boahene – The doctor who rebuilds faces (CNN African Voices)

Mental Illness

  1. Shraddha Shankar
    • Suicide: How my failed attempts became my biggest success | Shraddha Shankar | TEDxUIUC
  2. Mark Henick
    • Why we choose suicide | Mark Henick | TEDxToronto


And, so round up things, please watch “Lyfes Journey”.

It is available via the links posted below :-

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