Nouman Ali Khan


During the evening commute last week, a young lady gave up her seat for me.

She had on her Hijab and I asked her why she gave up her seat.

And, she said that she thought I might need it.

We talked about what she studies at her School, UC Berkeley, and where it might lead her.

Knowing that she is likely sitting under good leadership, I asked for the names of some of her Teachers.

She offered up “Nouman Ali Khan” and “Mufti Menk

I found containment in Brother Nouman’s work and so will not cover Mufti Menk’s work in this post.



Nouman Ali Khan

  1. Power of Good Deed [REMINDER] | Nouman Ali Khan
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      • Power of Good Deed
        Channel:- DawahTeam
        Date Published:- 2020-September-12th
        Date Added:- 2022-January-26th
  2. A Life-Changing Motivational Speech by Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • ( Unlisted )
        Demoted On:- 2022-July-2nd
      • Channel:- Islamic WACDI
        Published On:- 2016-Dec-10th
      • Channel:- لعلها المنجية
        Published On:- 2016-August-18th
        Demoted On:- 2022-July-2nd
        Demotion Reason:- This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.
  3. Pursuit Beyond Happiness [LATEST] | Nouman Ali Khan
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      • Video #1
        Demoted On:- 2022-July-2nd
  4. Cult vs. Community – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On:- 2016-April-11th
        Added On:- 2016-August-16th
  5. The Cost of Ignorance – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On:- 2016-July-11th
        Added On:- 2016-August-16th
  6. Allah is Always Near – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On:- 2016-July-25th
        Added On:- 2016-August-16th
  7. The Way She Walks – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On:- 2016-July-18th
        Added On:- 2016-August-16th
  8. In Need of Wisdom – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015
    • Profile
      • This lecture was recorded on February 12th, 2015 in Dubai.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On:- 2015-April-9th
        Added On:- 2016-August-16th
  9. This Lecture Will Change Your Life~ ᴴᴰ iA | Islam and Ego | Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Iman Project
        Added On:- Monday 2016-August-22nd
  10. “We Ask Allah” Tafsir of Last Two Verses of Baqarah – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015
    • Profile
      • This lecture was given in Bahrain on February 8th, 2015 in cooperation with Falaq.
    •  Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On:- 2015-March-29th
        Added On:- 2016-September-1st
  11. Don’t Underestimate Any Good Deed! Powerful Khutba Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- European Institute of Islamic Sciences
        Published On :- 2016-April-18th
  12. A Burden or Relief? – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- Bayyinah Institute
        Published On :- 2020-April-10th



Cult vs. Community – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan


This Khutbah was recorded at Islamic Center of Irving on May 20th, 2016

Introducing his reflections on ayat 166 and 167 of Surat Al-Baqarah, Nouman Ali Khan highlights the differences between a cult and community to warn against the threat of allowing unhealthy social pressures to dominate our lives. Cults are by definition groups of people who live on the fringes of society, ideologically at war with “others”, are antagonistic, command uniformity, feed off negative emotions, have no tolerance for dialogue and perpetuate practices even without knowing why they’re doing them. On the contrary, a community keeps its doors open, accepts diversity, thrives on encouragement and trust and adapts when times and needs change. Often in churches, synagogues and even mosques we think of ourselves as communities but we behave as cults, excluding others following different schools of thought and behaving self-righteously. In Surat Al-Baqarah, Allah describes how on the day of judgment those who set the trends and standards which others had followed mindlessly would cut themselves off from those who followed them, and those who followed would say that if they had a second chance, they too would cut themselves off from those fake idols. Khan concludes that the Muslim Ummah is based on one thing only: Taqwa, consciousness of Allah and an unequivocal belief in His oneness. When we create fake uniforms, we place unreasonable pressures on ourselves and our social circles and end up losing members of our community, perhaps irreversibly.


The Cost of Ignorance – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan


The concept of “jahiliyyah” (ignorance) in the Quran is attributed to
four features in progression, which when combined eventually lead a society to ruin:

1. Thann al jahiliyya (assuming the worst of Allah or other people);
2. Tabbarruj al jahiliyyah (violating the codes of decency by beautifying oneself inappropriately);
3. Himyat al jahiliyyah (making affiliations rooted in an ignorant sense of superiority, tribalism or nationalism); and finally
4. Hukm al jahiliyyah, ruling the entire society with ignorance.


The Way She Walks – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan


One detail in the epic story of Prophet Moussa gives timeless lessons to women on how they must conduct themselves in public. Allah describes that despite her shyness, the young woman in Madian, recognizing the impact of her presence as a female, engages with Moussa with an amazing balance of confidence and modesty.




Power of Good Deed

  1. A good and pure Word
    • A tree whose root are very well planted
    • Root that will last generation
    • Provides fruit at every hour
    • Trees only provides fruit at one season
      • This tree on the other hand provides fruit in all seasons
      • By special permission from it master
    • Locust is about to lay eggs and build its next generation
  2.  Example
    • The Professor simplifies the subject
    • I have given you this example, a good word and a good tree
    • A good teacher provides good example
  3. The benefit of a good word benefits everyone, so that they may make an effort to remember
    • A tree does not discriminate and say “Is it a muslim that is picking this fruit
  4. Idea
    • The idea of thinking long term
    • I can not change this desert into a garden over night
    • The idea of change that does not happen over night
    • The idea of producing  change that takes a generation
    • The Power of a seed that will change into a Tree
  5.  I have not being able to make my point yet
  6. The only thing the Prophet had is a good word
  7. All he had is the good word that Allah kept giving him
  8. A fifth of the World’s Population will hold these words in
  9. Underestimated the Power of spreading a good word
  10. Something must be missing in our confidence
  11. A good word carrying and resonating its effect
  12. Groups of People
    • Groups
      •  Haters
        • Love Incidents
        • Business grows
        • Spread Fears
        • And, fear mongering
        • Profit from Islamophobia Industry
      • Group of muslims doing things in name of Islam
        • Jihad
        • The other extreme
      • Middle – Non Muslims
        • Do not hate each other
      • Middle – Muslims
        • Hugh confluence of muslims who do not know each other
    • Co-dependency of Haters and Jihadist

A Life Changing Motivational Speech

Message to the youth

  1. Cultural Onslaught
    • Pulling oneself out of cultural onslaught
    • When life is in danger, one can pull back from Society
    • We can not pull ourselves away from Society
    • It is a defect to do so
    • Hurl truth against falsehood
  2. Age is often not mentioned in the Koran
    • people’s age is not mentioned
  3. Worship
    • Get better at worship
    • Sets targeted time
    • Go to sleep early
    • Deep conversation over Hookah?
    • Wake up early
    • Change the world … Can not even change the Day
  4. Whoever is scared to climb the mountain stays at the ditch
  5.  Knowledge
    • Get better at knowledge
    • Study and Memorize the Koran
      • Prophet Muhammed
        • Take Surahs that target the Life of Prophet Muhammed
      • Study other Koran Surahs

Pursuit Beyond Happiness

  1. Happiness
  2. Cool
    • Pursuit of Social Acceptability
      • Kids
        • Go to School and look different than others
        • Look a way, talk in a way, that makes me look cool
        • Girls
          • Young Kids that wear Hijab
  3. Popularity
    • Wear expensive clothes
    • Need attention, live off attention
    • Celebrity
      • Any means necessary
  4. Prestige
    • Pursue Prestige
    • Brand of Clothes that you wear
    • Which College they go to
      • Btw, I went to Harvard
    • What they have might
    • Association
      • By their association
  5. Money
    • Self Focused
  6. Excellence
    • Top percentile
    • Always have to have an A+
  7. Impact
    • Thing outside of Self Satisfaction
    • And, unto helping others
    • Life is bigger than my personal impact
    • Help industry, help around the world
  8. Koran
    • What the Koran will inspire you to do will be different for each person
    • Pursuit
      • Primary can not be towards impact, but pursuit
      • Effort comes from you, impact comes from God
      • Impact does not come from you
      • Once pursuit is genuine, Allah gives impact
    • Fruitless and Discouragement
      • Prophet
        • Muhammad’s visit to Ta’if

          • Impact in the world of the unknown
    • Attitude
      • Develop and Internalize a particular kind of attitude that is not discouraged
      • Ironclad
      • Messenger of Allah
    • Single Heartedness
    • Not always a new thing
      • Sometimes just a  reminder
    • He is the one who selected you
    • Allah did not pursue anyone outside of their own potential
    • Knowledge
      • If Knowledge is not helping your worship, then I don’t know if it is real knowledge
      • Knowledge of Prophet is increasing as you are learning more about him
    • Service
      • If you want to help out with Habitat for Humanity, then it is good
      • Whether it is being run by Christians, Jews, if it is good Service, then it is good service
      • Parents should encourage kids
      • Teenage years youths are the most self absorbed
        • Petty
        • Help them to come out of it
        • Allow them to see suffering
    • Goals
      • What are your goals?
      • Don’t aim to be a Doctor, aim to own a Hospital
      • Run Doctors without Borders
      • Don’t just go into Pharmaceutical, clean it up
      • Think Big
      • Part of thinking big is thinking entrepreneurially
    • Acknowledgement
      • We are slaves to Allah, we are lowest to the group
      • Yet, when Allah gives you a gift, intelligence, education, and you say I am way too humble, then that is not humility, it is ingratitude
      • Allah will not make you become materialistic
      • Not here to serve the Ummah, here to fix the world
      • Everyone should work with his own disposition
      • One day I am going to make people come out of poverty in this neighborhood
      • New Language of Power is Economics
      • Develop Work Ethics for it

Cult vs. Community – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

  1. When those who were followed, disown (declare themselves innocent of) those who followed (them), and they see the torment, then all their relations will be cut off from them.
    [ Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow) ]

Ready to Withstand Challenges | Nouman Ali Khan 2016

  1. Surah – Hayat ( Life )
    • Koran does not change
      • Recite Every Friday
        • Protect believers from the greatest trial that has ever hitting humanity
      • Never blends
      • Morality changes every year

“We Ask Allah” Tafsir of Last Two Verses of Baqarah – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015


  1. Spend in the path of Allah
  2. Every messenger is valuable to us
    1. We do make distinction between messengers
    2. Segment 54 minute
  3. Messengers valuable to us includes
    • Messenger
      • Abraham
      • Joseph
      • Moses
    • Every message is timeless
  4. Our many people upset because of Charlie Hebdo
    1. Simpson
    2. Jesus was made fun of
    3. Moses was made fun of
  5. When Prophet is stressed, Allah encouraged him with examples of other prophets life
    • Joseph
    • How can Prophet find comfort and we don’t find comfort
  6. Allah is proud of those who believe and obey
    • Two commandments
      • Learn
      • Obey
    • Go sit and hear & learn what Allah has to say
    • Angels are writing this down
  7. I was raised in a Pakistani family
  8. Listen First
    • If there is good in their live, then they have to obey
  9. Provide opportunity to hear in a loving way
    • We keep complaining about obedience
    • We complain they do not come
      • But, we have to go to them
  10. I reached you, before you reached me
    • I got to you through podcast
    • I got to you through youtube
  11. Nothing is missing in the book of Allah
    • If we do not reach them, then something is missing in your message
  12. They were told Allah will forgive your sin
  13. If a prophet has a right to have Sabbah
    • Sample
      • Then you are telling a woman, she does not have right to have Sabbah
      • A man came and said that he stumbles when he reads Sabbah
    • Allah wants to see effort from you
    • Gets twice the reward
  14. I have six children, I can talk through anything
  15. Goals
    • You goal is not to learn arabic.  You goal is progress
  16. We have made artificial goals
  17. Responsibility [ 1 hour 20 Minutes ]
    • Allah does not put any burden unless it is within their capacity
    • Extent to which you can do something, that is what is required of you
      • Reach full potential
      • Every person is different
      • Identify your potential
        • And, then you will be asked
        • Social Friends
          • Make friends
        • Creativity
          • Movies


Again, writing can be to proselytize.

But, the grace of good deeds, such as giving up a seat, goes far beyond that.


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