Damon Thompson – August 2016



  1. Damon Thompson – Doubting Thomas
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        John Chapter 11 – Verse 1
        Published By :- Demetrius Prince
        Publication Date :- July 23, 2016
  2. Damon Thompson – Story of David
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        Published By:- Torrin Cooper
        Publication Date:- Nov 14, 2015
        Demoted On:- 2019-November-12th
  3. Damon Thompson–A Lamb/Giant Killer(2015)
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      • Damon speaking at Emerald Coast Worship Centre in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. He’s expounding on 1 Samuel 17: 30-37. Teaching on what the real deliverance of God looks like by killing the lions and bears that are trying to take a Lamb out of your life.
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      • Video #1
        Published By:- Demetrius Prince
        Publication Date:- 2015-February-25th
        Added On:- 2020-February-20th


Damon Thompson – Doubting Thomas

  1. Chapter 11:1
  2. Jesus loved Marta and Lazarus
    • So he delayed himself
    • And, stayed two more days in the place he was
    • Sometimes the love of God shows restraint, so that faith can be deepened in its roots
  3. We label him by a struggle he went through without paying attention to the pain that induced the struggle
  4. Thomas we have seen the Lord
    • I already went there one time
    • Well fortified city that does not have to feel that again
  5. The success of a Government can always be determined by the peace of his citizens
  6. If you under his Government, it is illegal for you to have anxiety
  7. God left behind his Peace & Joy [ Segment 33 ]
    • My peace I will leave with you
    • My joy I give to you
  8. Once Thomas accepted Jesus, the truth, he, Thomas, said “My Lord and My God”
    • Because one touches it all
  9. You believe a God that can walk through walls
  10. Thomas went to India and spread the Gospel
  11. Mercy refuses to let a man in pain miss his moments [ Segment 24 ]
  12. In the delay, he was doing a work that could not have been done Thomas way
  13. Why did he just not stop the Devil, because he is proficient at using what the Devil meant for evil
  14. Whatever you built to keep him out, he is coming in
  15. Thomas said “Let us go with him, so that we may die with him” ( John 11:16 )

Damon Thompson – Story of David

  1. Jason Upton – Jacob’s Dream
  2. Enemy knows his future
  3. The Devil wanted to establish an Open Door Policy to ensure that he can steal from David anytime he wants
  4. David is not the kind of person to lose a lamb
  5. The fight started with a Lamb, but it was also about another Lamb


Damon Thompson – A Lamb/Giant Killer(2015)

  1. Predators
    • What are the predators trying
    • Christ-centered consequences
    • We will all fight it off if it came as a green demon
    • what if it is punk with a cell phone number
  2. Choose to honor where honor is due
  3. David
    • It is really hard to know you are David if you are David
    • God puts people in my life, to remind me
    • Somebody who war over one lamb
  4. Jesus
    • Jesus was encouraging him to get back up
  5.  Virginity
    • I wonder what the fight for Mary’s virginity looked like
    • When hell got the whisper that she had found favor
    • Discredit her through impurity
  6. Process
    1. It is what you did in the process
    2. Killing Lions and Bears
    3. God was qualifying you when you were fighting what you believed
  7. Head Scratchers
    • Why so much attention on me
    • I know so much important people
    • When the Devil is knocking on my door, night after night
    • Go knock
      • Dutch Sheets
        • I got his phone number, email address, and mother’s maiden name
      • Reinard Bonke
        • 73 million people saved
  8. Devil
    • Devil has no power to create but to pervert what has already been created
    • No new sin
    • He can not make a new one
    • Same thing that was taking them out 4000 years ago
      • Pride
      • Greed
      • Lust
    • Double Coverage
      • Announcement to you that there is more to you, than you thought there was
  9. Jesus
    • Jesus is trying to find someone that he can get in this world with
    • Whatever he stole from me, I will give it back
  10. Call your name
    1. One day they are going to try to get to him, but they will call your name
  11. Stolen From
    • Stolen from and you lost your confidence
  12. After
    • Issue
      • Sucide Thoughts
      • Pornography
      • Drug Addiction
  13. Altar
    • I want to give this microphone to someone and go lay down in that same altar


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