Microsoft – Office On Mac OS/X – Install Error – “no software found to install”


One of our end users has a Mac and upon trying to access the Excel file we sent him, he is unable to as he does not have Microsoft Office installed.


Operating Environment

His laptop is an Apple MacBook Air.  And, he is running OS X El Capitan.



When he tries to install Office 2008 on the OS listed above, he is getting the error message posted below.





The installation failed.

The installer could not install the software.

The Installer could not install the software because there was no software found to install.

Office Version on Apple Mac OS/X

Checked wikipedia and gained quick familiarity with the versions of Office available for Mac OS/X

Version Release Date Attributes
 Office 2008 Jan 15th, 2008 Universal Binary (works on Intel and Powerpc Macs )
Office Open XML
 Office 2011 Oct 26th, 2010  Mac-based Ribbon
 Office 2016 Sept 22nd, 2015



Version Installed

Office 2011

We have an unused license for Office 2011 and went with that one.

InstallWasCompletedSuccessfully (Cropped)


Other’s Work

There are a couple of ideas on the Internet on how to solve this problem.

The ideas include:

  1. Copying the installer ( dmg ) from the DVD unto your computer

These ideas were fruitless to us.

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