Why you can’t be a good .Net Developer // Postgres and MySQL

Day Jobs

Day jobs aside, there are some people that have had a thing or two to say in response to an Industry’s rant on “Why you can’t be a good .Net developer“.

Here are some of them….

  1. Enrico, Italian programmer in Sweden.
    On Being a Good .NET Developer
  2. Ted Neward
    It is too possible
  3. Ayende @ Rehein
    Why you can’t be a good .Net Developer


Ayende Rahien & Oren Eini

I read through a couple of Oren Eini’s other postings and found out his take on Databases quite promising.

BTW, he blogs under the pseudonym, Ayende Rahien.


Evan Klitzke

In a recent post, Ayende summarizes and reflects on Evan Klitzke’s post on “Why Uber Engineering switched from Postgres to MySQL“.


  2. Migrating Uber from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Back to Real

Enrico’s Take

“I never compromise on excellence. It’s just that with some teams, the way to get there is longer than with others.

To me the solution isn’t to run away from beginners. It’s to inspire and mentor them so that they won’t stay beginners forever and instead go on to do the same for other people. That applies as much to .NET as it does to any other platform or language.

If you aren’t the type of person who has the time or the interest to raise the lowest common denominator, that’s perfectly fine. I do believe you’re better off moving somewhere else where your ambitions aren’t being held back by inexperienced team members. As for myself, I’ll stay behind — teaching.”

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