SQL Server (v2005) – Reporting Services – Uninstall

Uninstalling Reporting Services (v2005)

Here are the steps to take when one wants to uninstall Reporting Services and keep all other components of a SQL Server v2005.




  1. Access Control Panel \Programs \ Program and Features
  2. From the list of Programs choose “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ( 64 bit )”
  3. Right click your selection, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ( 64 bit )
    • If you choose Remove
      • The “Component Selection” window appears, you will be asked to choose the Instance
      • The “Confirmation” window appears, and you will be asked to confirm you want to remove all the components of the Instance you selected earlier
      • As we do want to remove all components, please do not choose the “Remove” option
    • If you choose Change
      • The “Component Selection” window appears
        • Please choose the instance for which you want to remove the Reporting Services on
      • The “Feature Maintenance” window appear
        • Please choose “Reporting Services
        • Click the “Report” button to review the “Installation Report
        • The “Installation Report” details
          • The Instances and components of each Instance
          • The “Common Components”
        • The “Welcome” screen
        • The “System Configuration Check” screen
          • A dead red flag is
            • Pending Reboot Requirement
        • The “Change of Remove Instance” window appears
          • You are given a choice of “Change Installed Components” or “Remove Microsoft SQL Server”
            • Please choose “Change Installed Components”
            • If you were to choose “Remove Microsoft SQL Server” you will be removing all components; which is not what we want; we only want Reporting Services
        • The “Feature Selection” window appears
          • Right click “Reporting Services”
          • And, from the drop-down choose “Entire Features will not unavailable”
        • The “Error and Usage Report Settings” window appears
        • The “Ready to Update” window appears
          • Click the “Install” button
        • The “Setup Progress” window appears
          • Pay close attention and hope that all relevant steps complete successfully
        • The “Completing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup” appears
          • Click the “Summary Log” button to review uninstall log

If you choose Remove

If you choose remove, you will be uninstalling the entire footprint for the Instance, Default or Named Instance

Component Selection





Better, Choose Change

Programs and Features \ Uninstall or Change a program



Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Maintenance – Component Selection



Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Maintenance – Feature Maintenance



Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Maintenance – Feature Maintenance

If you click the Report button, you will see the “Installation Report” below



Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Welcome


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – System Configuration Check


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Change or Remove Instance


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Feature Selection








Microsoft SQL Server 2005  Reporting Services – Error and Usage Report Settings



Microsoft SQL Server 2005  Reporting Services Setup – Ready to Update



Microsoft SQL Server 2005  Reporting Services Setup – Setup Progress

Reporting Services – Configuring Components


Reporting Services – Configuring Components

Setup Progress – The selected components are being configured



Microsoft SQL Server 2005  Setup – Completed

Completing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup


Summary Log

Click the Summary Log button to view Log….



Microsoft SQL Server 2005  Setup – Completed


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