SQL Server – Mail – Anti-Virus ( McAfee VirusScan )


On one of our MS SQL Server Instances, trying to get Database Job Email Notification going, but running into problems.



McAfee VirusScan


I went a bit low level and reached for Telnet.

Things went well, no actual error messages.

SysAdmin Assist

Was clueless for a very long time.

And, then reached out to our SysAdmin and he said the problem could very well be mcAfee Virus Scan.


Launched McAfee \ VirusScan Console, and accessed the Logs via:

  1. From the list of Tasks, chose Access Protection
  2. And, right clicked on that selection
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “View Log”

Trigger View Log



Review Log




The change documented below is the one we had to make on the DB Server.  As local mcAfee configuration changes gets over-written by the one made on central server, please use this as a template and customize for central\global use.


    1. On MS Windows Desktop, from the Start menu, launch McAfee \ VirusScan Console
    2. In the VirusScan Console, from the list of Tasks, choose “Access Protection
    3. In the “Access Protection Properties” window
      • In the left panel, from the list of “Categories”, choose “Anti-Virus Standard Protection
      • In the right panel, from the list of “Rules”, choose “Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail
      • Uncheck Block and Report
      • Click the “Edit” button
    4. The edit button activates the “Rules Details” window
      • In the “Processes to exclude”, please make that the following applications are included
        • DatabaseMail90.exe
        • ReportingServicesService.exe



Access Protection Properties



Rule Details – Original



Rule Details – Upon adding DatabaseMail90.exe



Rule Details – Upon adding ReportingServicesService.exe


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