Damon Thompson – 2016/May


  1. First Things First  ( Published on 2014-02-02,  Added on 2016-05-19 )
  2. Sexual Perversion/Authenticity ( Published on 2014-10-24,  Added on 2016-05-19 )
  3. The Discipline of Deliverance  (  Published on 2014-02-02,    Added on 2016-05-19 )
  4. The Secret mountain of God’s presence  ( Published on Friday 2012-04-24,   Added on 2016-05-19 )
    • Insight Versus Revelation ( Clip )
    • Full ( Full )
  5. Jonah   ( Published on Friday 2015-11-24,   Added on 2016-05-20 )
  6. A Word of Faith    ( Published on Friday 2014-11-04,   Added on 2016-05-23 )

In Depth

First Things First

  1. Law of reciprocity
    • A law is not principle
    • But, principles bind together to form a law
    • Principle of Sowing and Reaping
    • Relatable Dimension
      • Deep does not cry out to Shallow
      • And, Shallow does not cry out of Deep
      • You never attract what you want, you attract who you are
  2. Manipulation takes you out of Intimacy
    • Good idea leads to insecurities
    • Insecurities lead to manipulation
    • Manipulation cuts off intimacy
    • You are hot and now become my sister
    • Diminish role of bride, bride becomes the sister
  3. 3 Seps
    • Faith Responding
      • Leave Haran go to Canaan
        • Because God told him so
    • Faith Retreating
      • Diminish role of the bride
        • Because of famine left Canaan and went to Egypt
    • Faith Returning ( Genesis 13:1 )
      • Start believing the word again
      • Intimacy Restored
        • Blessing to follow intimacy, not replace intimacy
      • Where his tent at been at beginning ( Genesis 13:4 )

Sexual perversion/Authenticity

  1. The root is the tender plant out of dry ground
  2. God’s plan for Nineveh was to send a prophet. It was not to send a Seeker sensitive Church
  3. Sin
    • Indulging in what God forbids
    • Not fully given in what the word of God demands
  4. If you have no interest in helping anyone then the revival did not go deep enough
  5. True fathers give authorization for authenticity
  6. Those who know how it should be done, should never interrupt people doing it
  7. Person in Holiness and Legalism live the same lifestyle
    1. Legalism – Fear of Judgement
    2. Holiness – Fear Dove will leave
  8. The Dove remains ( John )
    • All told the same story about Jesus getting baptized by John
    • I saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him (John 1:32 )
  9. Pastor Bill Johnson
    • If there was a dove on your shoulder and you did not want it to go away, you take every step with the dove in mind
  10.  I do not want a revival, if it will not plant holiness
  11. When you meet the standard, you begin to inherit the Power that the consequent of that Power
  12. Power is coming back, but repentant is coming first
  13. It is bad theology to say that miracle is gone
  14. Was in a store and asked what is the return policy?
    • God says I have a return policy, and if you return to me, there are things that must be returned to you
  15. It is illegal to use kingdom lingo and not have dominion
    • Apostolic Ministry and not be bearing Apostolic Ministry


Discipline of Deliverance

  1. Spoke of the life of Archbishop Vernon Ashe
  2. Weapons
    • Godly Living
      • 1st Timothy 6
        • Godliness is a mean of Gain
          • Who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain ( 1st Timothy 6:5 )
    • Prayer

The Secret Mountain of God’s Presence

  1. Prayer Mountain
    • Transform our view of Life
    • Transform our view of God
  2. Watching Christian TV and saw a guy ( Segment 00:50:00 00:55:00 )
    • I know the way this man and I know the way he lives his life, why does he have so much revelation
    • Insight Versus Revelation
      • Insight
        • Consequence of the mind
        • Attracts you to a man
        • You uplift the man
        • He can have insight into any thing, he just happen to choose the Bible
      • Revelation
        • Attracts you to God
        • Lifts up God


  1. God has a passion for a City
    • He sent a Prophet
    • He did not plan a seeker sensitive Church and give people Coffee and Donut
  2. All Sin is disobedience to God
  3. No one is
    • Testifying
    • Evangelizing
    • Praying for Sick
    • Really marrying each other
  4. Culture is keeping the Church from advancing
  5. Difference between now and early Church
    • Life Given
      • They have their lives
      • We give 45 minutes on Sunday, if that
    • Sold
      • Land
      • Houses
    • Broke bread and had all things in common
    • 3% of the American Church Tithe
      • Ready for God to come down and start pointing to each of us and say Not a Christian
  6. No submission to any authority
    • Being Free from religion
      • Does not mean talk about your Leader
  7. Sin
    • Indulging in what God says No to
    • Not being fully committed to what God calls us to
      • Disobedience to what God has called us to
      • Jonas was in Sin
        • He was not doing anything God called him not to do
        • But, he did not do what God called him to do
  8. Jonah Meaning
    • Name means Dove
    • John the Baptist baptised Jesus and the Holy Spirit come down as a Dove


A Word of Faith

  1. Burial Procession ( Luke 7:11 )
    • Large crowd went with him
    • Large crowd of the City was with her
    • Expect you to expect an intervention, even before the intervention
  2. Never let your situation, get you out of position
  3. Location is Beauty
    • You can be living in a City called beautiful, but living under intense pressure that is robbing you of the location
    • Peter & Paul
  4. We find ourselves spiritually lacking
    • Instead of changing Heavens, we change Churches
    • We change Churches, because we are not getting fed
    • If you still got to Church, to get fed, then you are communicating your infancy
    • You are not growing and so you can not help anyone
  5. Fresno, CA
    • Government has made
      1. Building not supposed to get
  6. Government can not ignore
  7. Jesus is doing what a 12-step program can not do
  8. Walking the Streets
    • Beautiful City is being robbed of her destiny
    • Light has stepped back and watched Darkness prevail
  9. John the Baptist
    • Darkness does not comprehend the Light
    • I am not the one, but there is someone coming behind me
  10. We change Churches, rather than to change Heaven
  11. Prove or Success of any Government
    • The validity of any Government is the Peace in which its citizens live
    • You can not be under God and still be living as you are in the Government of the evil one
    • Peace, Righteousness, and Joy in the Holy Ghost
    • Never allow the enemy to get you out of position
  12. Never allow the enemy to get you out of position
    • People walking into something that I am trying to get out of
    • You are saying “I rebuke the devil
    • And, God is saying the Devil will not take credit for this
    • You are going to bury something that I intend to resurrect
    • Quit on thing while God had resurrection in mind
    • Don’t put dirt on it yet


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