Prince Rogers Nelson



    1. Prince on Sex, Violence, & The Influence of Music | MTV News ( 1999 Interview, Published on 2016-04-21 )
    2. Prince on Music’s “Blessing” in 2004 | MTV News   ( Interviewed on April 20, 2004, Published on 2016-04-16 )
    3. Prince, Rosario Dawson and Van Jones on The View ( 2012-09-17 )

      • Rebuild the Dream ( Link )
    4. CNN Tonight With Don Lemon Van Jones on Prince’s humanitarianism  ( 2016-04-22 )
    5. Van Jones talks Prince: Much more than music, much more than a friend ( 2016-04-21 )

    6. With Arsenio Hall, Prince Reveals His Favorite Song, Why He Doesn’t Have A Cell Phone & More
      ( Published on 2014-04-21Added on 2016-07-14 )
    7. The Game — ONE Word Killed My Hit Song with Prince  ( 2016-04-25 )
    8. Lionel Richie
      • Lionel Richie: Why Prince’s Death Hit Him Hard   ( 2016-04-28 )
      • Lionel Richie talks about friend Prince, Las Vegas residency
    9. Let’s Just Say It: Prince Teased The Hell Out Of Michael Jackson – Newsy
    10. Prince’s First Television Interview in 1985 | MTV News



  1. Prince on Sex, Violence, & The Influence of Music | MTV News
    • Sensed negativity and entropy in music
    • disintegration that we have to address
    • Value lessened to a great degree
    • Address as a community as to what it is doing to the culture
    • People can say what they want, but no need for these kids to listen to music and then go shoot somebody
    • It is obvious when you hears words to music or lyrics whether it encourages or discourages
    • Is it a specific music solo? No, just the truth.  You are either here to enlighten or discourage
    • Plain disintegration, where you are not even speaking the truth anymore, and violent imagery that permeates society and our music


Baltimore’s Lyric

On the morning of Thursday April 21st, 2016
Somebody got in somebody’s way
So I guess you could say it was not a good day

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