Came home yesterday afternoon, went to lay down
Outside of spending time with my brother to get something to eat
Spent the rest of the evening in bed
Woke at 2
But, couldn’t stand to get out of bed 

What the redwoods of California will do for a soul bruised up
What a timely getaway will do
Driving the night and needing a full beam
Made my mind so small


Listening to you speak your Heart out
About all the things I said and shouldn’t have
Laying down in a so so Hotel
Pulling you so close
Enough for only you and I to hear


I say I am sorry
Asking for forgiveness
And, how I can wait till the morning
to see if you will give it


JB: The meaning of forgiveness
JB: People make mistakes

Went to Church, It is Sunday Morning
The pastor made the Altar Call
Something about the Lord
Is ready to forgive

Forgiveness came a day early for me
I didn’t have to hear it
I just had to feel you yield your Soul & Spirit


JB: The meaning of forgiveness
JB: People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in
JB: Life is worth living again

Took a long drive in the California Redwoods
Wished we made it to Oregon
But, came home
And, held it all in
Wish I could stay here forever


Listening to ….

Justin Bieber – Life Is Worth Living (PURPOSE : The Movement)

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