Sermons for April 2016

Here are some sermons for April 2016

  1. Timothy Keller
    • Changed Lives
      • Videos
    • Tim Keller on The Bible as a Single Story
      • Videos
  2. Damon Thompson
    • Shift Conference ( 1/19/2015 )
      • Videos
  3. Neil T. Anderson
    • Neil T Anderson “Spiritual Warfare” Full exclusive interview ( with Jon Oleksiuk ) – Published on Oct 23, 2013
      • Videos

In depth

Damon Thompson

Shift Conference


  1. Jesus Raises a Widow’s Son ( Luke 7:13-15 ) – Link
    …When the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said, “Do not weep.”
    Then He went up and touched the coffin, and those carrying it stood still. “Young man, He said, “I tell you, get up!”
    And the dead man sat up and began to speak! Then Jesus gave him back to his mother.…


  1. Fig Tree
    • If fig tree had fruits, it would have been supernatural fruits
    • Glory that cancels winter
    • Perpetual Springs
    • Winter
      • Points to absence
      • Not to depth of circumstance
    • Bears fruit in its season
      • in every season
      • And, its leaves never withers
    • World does not want us
      • Our fruit is subject to rejection
  2. Align emotions with God
    • Me being here can deal with him being dead
  3. Arrival of presence
    • Announcement that intervention is possible
  4.  Compassion
    • The bible says he had compassion on her
    • Not Identification with situation, but transformation of the situation
  5. You will not to live your life reactive
  6. Touches boy’s coffin
    • You can touch me, but don’t touch that boyfriend
    • Don’t touch my casual drinking
    • Touches the vehicle that the enemy is using to take the boy out of his purpose
    • Uses his authority to touch the tool of violation being used by hell
  7. Jesus still touches coffin
    • Unconsecrated areas of the boy’s live
  8. Holiness Versus legalism
    • Both lives are not separable
    • Legalism to avoid hell
    • Holiness to be qualified to touch heaven
  9. If Jesus touches your coffin
    • Degree of resurrection that he is trying to manifest in your live
    • Inferior affection
    • Give everything to you, because he wants to give you more
    • Arrest vehicle that is transporting you out of purpose
  10. If coffin is closed, there is no violation, but if opened
    • Nazareth Violation
      • Consecration
      • Priestly DNA
    • But, he knew if he touches the boy, he will not be dead anymore
  11. Why was coffin opened
    • Something told mama that this one is not over yet
  12. Take the lid off
    • remove the barrier to the intervention
  13. When the young boy came back
    • He came back with revelation

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