Emurasoft – EmEditor – Downgrade to free


Last week, I ended up with a 175 MB file.  The file is a SQL Script file created by tablediff.

Found out that notepad++ started to drag and so took to Google to find other means of quickly editing big files.



To avoid being offered the product, wanted to proactively downgrade.

What is current License?

Using Menu, access Help and About.



Access Quick Launch

Couple of options for accessing Quick Launch.

  1. Menu Item – Tools \ Quick Launch
  2. KeyStroke Combination  – CTRL+Q


Quick Launch Window

Command – Downgrade

Enter Downgrade Command

In the command window, enter “Downgrade“.

QuickLaunch - Downgrade

Activate Option

  1. Select Downgrade Command
  2. Activate the Command via one of this means:
    • Doubleclick the selected option
    • Click the “Run this Command” button




Confirm Downgrade

We are then prompted asking “Are you sure you want to downgrade to EmEditor Free? EmEditor Free is available only for personal use.”


Answered Yes

We answered Yes.

Will Restart Now



What is (new) current License?

We now have an option to Upgrade.


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