Pastor Carl Lentz


First heard about Carl Lentz through YouTube suggested videos.  Precisely, I was lured in from his connection to Justin Bieber.


  1. Meet The Pastor Who Made Justin Bieber Cry
  2. Always Only Jesus
  3. Too Good To Be True



  1. Carl Lentz Fraud, Sex, Scam, See Description ( Added by 2016-04-13 )


Meet the Pastor who made Justin Bieber Cry

  1. Celebrity
    • marketing?
    • When we give a blankets
  2. Criticism
    • People cannot believe we have genuine motives
    • Two Sides to Criticism
      • It is either true and you change
      • Or it is false, and you go forward
  3. The good thing about having nothing to hide, is that you hide nothing
  4. Passion for reaching people

Always Open Jesus

  1. Pick Up Line For Singles
    • I am in the Book of Numbers, and your Number is not in there
  2. John 14
    • In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
  3. Universal Road?
    •  Jesus said, “I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me.” John 14:6
    • You do what works for you, and I will do what works for me
    • Always only Jesus
  4. The only way to get the only thing that matters, Revelation, in this life is through personal dedication and commitment
    • Revelation & Information
      • Revelation, what God says
        • God Spoke to you
      • Information, what people say
    • Many Churches preaching dead things to dead people
  5. Personal Growth
    • Personal commitment to Jesus
    • You have the right to control how you grow
    • Are you tired, are you worn out, come with me, walk me and learn the unforced rhythm of Grace …  I will not lay anything heavy on you ( Matthew 11:28-30 )
  6. The Only thing I want from you is to walk with me
    • Religion is I show up and leave
    • Relationship is what you are
  7. God loves us so much, he wants to have intimacy with us
  8. Distance create distortion, and so we bridge the gap through communication
  9. Do not allow distance between you and heaven
  10. Praying everywhere I go
    • Giving God moments in our live
    • Social Media Swap
      • New Yorkers check their Phone 150 times each day
  11. Seeing his word, changes the World
  12. Only Jesus
    • Only Jesus can take you where you want to go
    • Only Jesus can fill the void in your Heart
    • It is not enough to go to a Church that worship, do your Worship
    • Are you a bible student
  13. Biggest Indicator is how much you love people
    • You want to know how much you love people
  14. Worth
    • What you do
    • What you accumulate
    • If things change in your life, and your worth is bundled in something else, you are in trouble
  15. Jesus said one of you will betray me
    • One of the disciples, the one Jesus loved the most, was reclining against him ( John 13:23 )
  16. A Voice
    • This voice from Heaven, which is of Love and Peace if you can not hear it
      • It will be your Job
      • Your Boss
      • Bad Relationships
    • Fatherless Society
      • 85% are growing up without a father
    • Young girls get 90% of their Identity from their Father
    • People living lives they should not be living, having relationships they should be having
    • Settling from Horrible Thing because they do not know their worth
    • They have had it from their Pastor, but not from God



  • What concerns me is that it seems like more people are concerned about our “method,” despite the fact it’s working, than they are the young gay teens that are killing themselves, and the LGBT community at large that has found zero refuge in our “churches.” Our doctrine and theology rings hollow and often even comical when we set up even more barriers for hurting people than our broken world is offering. Apparently, people want others to be transformed by a gospel they are actually not allowed to hear, doubt, explore, have explained or see in action. If we believe that faith comes through hearing, let’s not be perplexed as to why so many people are not listening. They have not been allowed in to hear. ( Link )
  • Pastor Carl Lentz Breakfast Club | Hillsong Church, Being Accepting of Everyone & More (11/20/2015)
    • Obedience is the Christian’s duty, Outcome is God’s work
    • If you in Love something, you give to it
    • If I am smoking weed, am I able to be who I need to be
    • If I tell you it is a command, if God tells you it is a Revelation
    • God created sex, Sex is not the problem, Sin is the problem
    • If you do what God tells you to do in his parameters, it is incredible
    • New York is filled with people who want their Salvation, and Sin, as well
    • Death to Sin, new life in Jesus


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