Compare Database Schema .sql Files across environments ( using Devart – CodeCompare )


We need to compare database schema files across our environments.

In earlier posts, we went over how to use SQL Server Data Tools ( SSDT ) to compare live environments.

In this post, we will go over one of the many text compare tools that is available to compare SQL Schema files.


Quick Definition of “Schema” files

By the term Schema files we mean Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and other reverse engineered objects.

We generated a copy of the live database objects using ScriptDB.

Software Options

Expectedly there are quite a few tools that target the text file compare market.  In our case, we do not need a tool that simply compares two files.  We need one that compares at a more comprehensive level, folders and hopefully the sub-directories.

Available Options includes:

  1. WinMerge

While WinMerge is a good tool, we found CodeCompare to be more far more polished as the interface allows quick access to often asked questions.


Code Compare


The free version is available here.

The current version is v4.1.



Install the downloaded executable.



Select the Source and Target folder



Browse for Folder





Initial Difference Screen

All of the discovered files are shown within their corresponding folder.




Based on the default color coding, here is how fails are displayed

  1. Blue – Identical
  2. Differences
    1. White – Files exist on the both sides, but there are differences
    2. Pink – File exist in Source, but not in Destination



We will focus our customization on two windows and those are:

  1. Code Compare – File
  2. Code Compare – Folder – Miscellaneous

Here is what both screens look like:


Options – Code Compare – File


Options – Code Compare – Folder – Comparison



Options – Code Compare – Folder – Miscellaneous



Panel Item Choice
Text Editor
Display – Line Numbers Change from Unchecked to Checked
 Code Compare – File
 Ignore whitespaces Change from Unchecked to Checked
 Ignore line breaks Change from Unchecked to Checked
  Ignore case Change from Unchecked to Checked
 Code Compare – Folder – Comparison
Rules based comparison – Ignore case Change from Unchecked to Checked
Rules based comparison – Ignore whitespaces Change from Unchecked to Checked
Rules based comparison – Ignore line breaks Change from Unchecked to Checked
 Code Compare – Folder – Miscellaneous
Hide identical files Change from Unchecked to Checked




Making these changes will reduce clutter.


Changes \ Hide identical Files

To “stick” the “Hide Identical Files” option on the current window, please access the menu and check same on the Changes\”Hide Identical Files” window.



File Differences

Once we made the customization changes mentioned above, we reduced the noise quite a bit.

The files shown had actual content differences.

Sample Differences

Here are some of the differences discovered.



One of the files cited is Product.SaveProductCertificateHistory.sql



The difference is that on the left side we have a left join Products.ProductDocumentFields; wherease on the right we have an inner join on same table.



As I always say being off Radio for so many years now and so this weekend while riding along was first time hearing this….

Sevyn Streeter – nEXt ft. Kid Ink


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