Monsieur M. Going Home


Thursday was a tough day at the Office.

Here is why…

Hi everyone. Monsieur M’s health declined rapidly over the weekend. By Tuesday he was almost completely unable to stand or walk. He wasn’t in much pain, and he wasn’t very sad, he was just tired and weak. On Wednesday we went for a nice ride in the car—one of his absolute favorite things to do—and he ate a 3×2 and a cheeseburger from In-N-Out, fries and a strawberry milkshake, and two chocolate cupcakes. Then a mobile vet came to my house and put Monsieur M. to sleep. He died in my arms, peaceful and content, snoring like a baby.

Thank you all for being such good friends to Monsieur M. He loved you all, and he loved being the office dog here. He had a very full and happy life.

I’m sorry to bring you such terrible news today. Please feel absolutely free to talk to me about this whenever you want and in whatever way you want—I’m completely comfortable talking about it, although I will probably cry.

And, for the record, as soon as you all are ready, I’m ready to see other dogs in the office. I’m sure Monsieur R will be happy to have more time in the office, and I can’t wait to meet Ms. Sierra and Ms. Catherine dogs.


Monsieur N.



Smokey Robinson – Easy to Love

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