Sermons & Discussions – 2016/Feb


The beginning of a new year is as good as any to lean forward and see what areas the Spirit of God and the fellowship of his body is opening and availing.

I hope the last year brought about healing and wholeness. And, those gains are being solidified in the new year.

A few days ago I sought out new words of encouragement and stumbled upon Charles Price.   His sermon “Icabod or Ebenezer” is listed below.

Charles Price traces his walk back to his great grandfather conversion during the 1904 Welsh Revival.

And, so I started viewing other sermons on Revival.

Really like the enthusiasm of Mary Peckham who found God during the 1949 Lewis Revival.

Here are some touching words from Ms. Peckham:

Oh God, I love your people.  I can not explain it, but I love your people. And, I want to be in their company for the rest of my life.
If at the end of my life, you were to send me to Hell, if that is what I deserve, then it will be alright with me.

The conviction of sin in a season of Revival is too terrible for words.

And, later Chuck Missler’s interviewing Stephen Meyer.

Stephen Meyer talks up Intelligent Design.

During the Interview, Chuck Missler pointed out that God’s first love is that of a creator.

Taken in context from Romans 1:19, “God has made it plain in the things that are made.“.

And, on same note God is exceeding jealous if his role as a Creator is questioned.

On the other hand, one needs his Word to see him as a redeemer.

But, first Leon Bridge singing River.


  1. Leon Bridges
    • River on SNL
    • Macklemore performs ‘Kevin’ feat Leon Bridges (Lyrics )
    • Macklemore performs ‘Kevin’ feat Leon Bridges at the AMAs
  2. Lewis Revival
  3. Charles Price, Peoples Church in Toronto, Pastor
  4. Welsh Revival
  5. Chuck Missler’s Interview

Lewis Revival

Lewis 1949 Revival Testimony by Mary Peckham

  1. People knew the Book
  2. When Spirit fell there was fuel there to be burnt
  3. Revival had come once earlier ( in 1939)
  4. It is a healthy thing when people are hungry
  5. I am not going back to Lewis until Revival was over
  6. I have my own life and my own ambitions
  7. Inwardly disturbed when conversation about Revival occurred
    • The sinners in Zion are afraid ( Isaiah 33:14 )
  8. People that were drunkards were now converted
  9. Afraid of the supernatural
  10. If at end of Life, I was Saved, that was OK
  11. But forced to go Church by my parents that found me out
  12. As someone unconverted to be in such a situation, it was not a comfortable thing
  13. Duncan Campbell was the preacher who brought revival
    • The man was in earnest
    • He stormed up and down, sometime down the Pulpit steps
    • He quoted “that though the sinners join hand in hand they will not go unpunished” –  Proverbs 11:21
    • He did not preach a soft Gospel
  14. Father asked after first service, “How did you enjoy that?”.  I replied:
    • I did not enjoy it
    • Found no delight in it
    • But, the following night, I went as well
    • Never again did I have to be asked whether I wanted to go
    • Walk 2 1/2 mile in wintery weather
  15. Heard father’s cry late at night, a hardened sailor
  16. Abiding in the hope that “If this conversion did not come to our home, it wouldn’t be so bad
  17. Awareness of the Presence of God
    • God the Creator
      • Oh everyone that thirst ( Isaiah 55:1 )
      • Word of God came “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” ( Exodus 3:5 )
      • Looked on to the Ocean and found in it the fishes the Creator created
  18. Solemnity of Eternity
    • In our services today, we lack eternity
    • Now all we think is what will benefit me
  19. It is a fearful thing to come into the hands of the Living God ( Hebrews 10:31 )
  20. In a meeting
    1. Fearful
    2. Drawing Power of the Spirit of God
    3. Those that are anxious about their souls
  21. Testimonial in the Life of Others
    • Saw in the face of a young girl the beauty of the Lord
    • Driven to pray at 3:00 AM
      • And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it ( Psalm 90:17 )
    • Lost and did not know how to get saved
    • Went to Church an hour before service
    • No one kept time
    • Even past benediction, waited and hoped that it will go on
    • For 3 months continued in search
  22. God’s Love
    1. Personally felt No assurance of Salvation personally
    2. One night prayed, the date was 22nd  of August, 1950
    3. Oh God I love your people, I can’t explain it.  I want to stay in their company for the rest of my life. If at the end of my life, you see it fit to send me to hell, then it is allright
    4. Conviction of sin in a season of revival is too terrible for words
    5. Growing up among God’s people and any immorality will be frowned upon
    6. The Spirit of God witnessed with my Spirit and I knew I was saved
  23. Travelled everywhere
    • 60 miles in a lorry
    • Filled with laughter
    • Tongues filled with songs
    • Lyrics were composed
    • Singing and making melody songs
  24. News came from faraway
    • Words came from London – Why did you not tell me about Jesus?

Wind of the Spirit – The Story of the Lewis Revival

  1. There was a blacksmith in Lewis named John Smith. He was very involved in the revival. In fact, before the revival, he and other elders prayed right through. They took Psalm 24, ‘Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD or who shall stand in His holy place? He that that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.’ John Smith once turned to the other elders and said, ‘It’s absolute humbug for us to be praying like this unless our hands are clean, and our hearts are pure.’ And so they united together. They confessed before God. They got right with God and prayed on. I am so glad that when I was away in the world, not interested in the things of God, there were men like these who prayed, and who prayed through.
  2. Does it not give us a hunger in our hearts to see what God can do? ‘I will pour water on him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.’ How many of us are thirsty? Or, are we like the Laodicean church, neither cold nor hot? I’m here to testify that God is a covenant-keeping God, and that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd that gave His life for the sheep. The Son of Man who came to seek and to save that which is lost and saved me!

Charles Price

Icabod Or Ebenezer

  1. Charles Price family was saved during the 1904 Welsh Revival
    • 100, 000 people found God in a period of 10 weeks
    • Great Grandfather was a Godless man, but found God in a Pub
    • Woke up  Great GrandMother to tell her that he has found God; family ( including 20 year son concluded that he was indeed drunk )
  2. Letting God be God in our heart, in our own lives
  3. They were asking God to be their Savior
  4. Not asking God for a good life. but for
    • Mercy
    • Forgiveness
    • Cleansing
  5. In danger of turning Jesus Christ to our preferred Helper, Physician,  Psychologist,  a great provider
  6. But that is not who he is but he is a Savior; not just from the guilt and consequence of our Sins but also from the Power and Grips of our sins
  7. Salvation includes pouring us with his Holy Spirit and his Lordship is our lives
  8. We can try seeing Christ through the Gift of Mercy, Forgiveness, or Physician. But, unless we see him principally as a Savior, we are in trouble
  9. The one person that has the Power to save us from our sins
  10. Evan Robert’s message was summed up in 4 parts
    • Confess all known sins
    • Deal with anything that is a sin or doubtful in your live
    • Comply with the Holy Spirit instantly
    • Confess Christ publicly
  11. Evan Roberts
  12. Bible
    • The only words that will be authoritative this week are those that come from the Word that came from God
    • Revival is Old Testament while Evangelism New testament
  13. Old Testament
    • People of God
    • Exclusive to Jewish Nation
    • Not Spiritual body of Christ
    • People who wanted to walk with God, experience God, and become a blessing to the Nations
  14. Tragic Loses exposes fault lines in our understanding
  15. Supporting Verses
    • Joshua 3:5-6 ( Consecrate yourself for the Lord will do amazing things )
    • Joshua 3:10 ( This is how you will know that the Living God is among you, he will drive out your enemies )
    • Joshua 6 ( I have delivered jericho in your hands )
  16. Easy to reproduce a pattern than to learn a principle or the Truth
  17. If we change the Christian life and reduce it to one that lacks
    • Divine Initiative
    • Divine Originality
    • Divine Anointing
    • Divine Activities
  18. If God is doing something somewhere it is not because they have learned a new technique, but because they are dealing with God
  19. Toronto
    • Youth for Christ
      • 1940 and 1950
  20. Leave God out of it
    • Do not spend time with God
    • Do not Pray
    • Just tell me the How
  21. Everyone wants to know how
  22. The question has to be
    • Who has the Power
    • Who can save us from our sins
  23. In a rush?
    • Woe to to those who say, “Let God hurry; let him hasten his work so we may see it. The plan of the Holy One of Israel– let it approach, let it come into view, so we may know it.” ( Isaiah 5:19 )
  24. God’s specific instruction is that the Israelites are not to touch the Holy Things and not to even look into the Holy Things (Ark)
    • They can only meet with him once a year on the basis of shed blood
    • If you meet him any other any way, one will not be meeting a Friend, but a Judge
  25. Prayer
    • Areas of our lives that we have placed protection around
    • Anger, bitterness, lust
    • Forgiveness for justification
    • Placed into the Open
    • Holy Spirit live, not just to make one feel better, but to become an Instrument for the blessing of Others
    • Witness to stand before all the Powers and Principalities
    • Lives may give evidence for God’s presence
    • Prayer for man and woman
    • Grace to resist doubt, temptation, seduction that will surely come

Welsh Revival

Welsh Revival Eyewitness Account

  1. Deliverance
    • Tobacco and Smoking went away
  2. Big View
    • Deacons – About twelve of them
    • Facing the congregatio
    • There was two chairs that always be faced the congregation
    • There will sit and judge the doctrine and make sure that only truth will come out
    • They will make sure nothing false comes in
    • Advance people who knew something about Spiritual discernment
    • Church has lost that
      • People no longer know about the gift of Spiritual Discernment
      • No check on the minister these days
  3. Revival comes down
    • You can’t work it up
  4. Sin has not changed

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