SQL Server – Apply Service Pack – v2005 / SP4 – Cumulative CU3


In our last post, we touched on the fact that we needed to patch one of our SQL Sever instances.

The specific patch we wanted to apply is SQL Server v2005 – Service Pack 3 – Cumulative Patch 3.

But, unfortunately NO GO.  We will cover the stumbling block and note a possible workaround.



SQL Server 2005 – SP3 – CU3 is available here.

We downloaded the file.



Initial Install

On our initial attempt, we unfortunately received the error message pasted below.


Feature Selection

Here is the Feature Selection.




The product instance MSSQLServer has had update 5069 installed.  You do not need to install this update. An update equal to or greater than 5320 should be downloaded.



  1. We can see that the updates targeted for the server elements are grayed-out and we are unable to apply them
  2. The reason we are given is that 5069 is installed


Note SQL Server Version #

Let us note current MS SQL Server Version


Product Version = 9.00.5057



We will uninstall the blocking update.

List Installed Updates

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Launch Control Panel
  2. In Control Panel, select the “Programs and Features” applet
  3. In the “Programs and Features” window, choose the “Installed Updates” link
  4. Installed Updates are listed

Here is what our screen looks like:



Uninstall Each Update

The update that we have is GDR5069, likely delivered through a security update.

We selected the update, right click on it, and chose to uninstall t.



Rebooted the machine

Please repeat for each set of updates.


Note SQL Server Version #

Let us note current MS SQL Server Version


Product Version = 9.00.5000

Install Retry

Once the intervening updates were un-installed, we were able to successfully install the CU3.


Verify Successful Install

Using “select @@version”, validate that we have successfully upgraded to CU3.


select @@version






Things are good.  Confirmed that the blocking patch, 5069, is a security update mentioned here.

The KB is KB2716429 and it was released back in Oct 8th, 2012.

We likely applied it as part of Microsoft Security Updates.

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