Discovering Sodom & Gomorrah by Steve Collins


  1. The Apologetics Canada Conference 2011: Dr. Steven Collins Confirming the Bible Through Archaeology
  2. Dr. Steve Collins | Discovering Sodom & Gomorrah – Wingmen 4.24.15
  3. Steve Collins / Discovering Sodom & Gomorrah – Wingmen 1.10.14
  4. All Access Interview With Steven Collins ( and Pastor Skip Heitzig of Calvary Albuquerque )


  1. You cannot let either one, neither the Bible nor Archaeology, speak univocally. There has to be dialogue.
  2. A back slap against some religions that can not be spoken to through Geography nor Archaeology
    1. Religion that removes dialogue
  3. Because language is fluid, we sometimes need a Dialectical Approach to reason.  Question marks can be removed by looking at the Archaeology
  4. The beauty of the bible is that it grew up in the real world. Bible is real and rises from real historical ground
  5. Go to that real ground to discover relationship from that time
  6. Lack of Perspective and  information should sometimes lead us to hold interpretation in suspension
  7. Discovery in Archaeology would sometimes lead us to clarity
  8. Not been reactive to being challenged
    • No Frowns
    • Welcome challenge
  9. You have enough experience with the discoveries that will be there, once you make the correct observations
  10. Good Science is Good Science, regardless of whether it is believers doing it or not
  11. Importance of Reading the Text
  12. I got to write a paper on it and so will be forced to do the research
  13. Finding Ancient Cities
    • Ai – Joshua 7:8
    • Sodom – Genesis Chapters 13-19
  14. Locking oneself away once the Text is actually read
    • If you are going to test the Text
      • No Opinions
      • No bias
      • No preconceived ideas
      • Lock yourself out of Libraries
    • Every word, every sentence, every nuance
    • Contextual Analysis
    • In Depth Language Analysis
      • Hebrew
      • Every semantic Language
  15. Very convinced that we have a biblical map that can not be improved upon
  16. If we go to the place and do not find the city, then the Biblical & Islamic narrative is mistaken.  And, I will have to go back to the community of faith, and how do I deal with that
  17. Language of Destruction and Terms of Destruction is firm
  18. Getting theoretical map together

Word Definitions

  • The dialectical method is discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject, who wish to establish the truth of the matter guided by reasoned arguments


I came across Dr. Collins work from stumbling across this article.

I am especially thankful to Dr. Collins.

This seemingly humble man shared the rigor and discipline he applies to his subject material.

He spoke to the disappointment he understands the community of faith will face if the discovery fails to align with the scriptural text.

Most of us will not come close to the bottom and height of his work. But, I hope that we can harmonize around the contemplative process he avows to.

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