SQL Server – Antivirus – Exception Configuration – McAfee


A quick word on configuring McAfee AV for use on a Microsoft SQL Server system.



  1. Launch McAfee On-Access Scan
  2. The “On-Access Scan Properties” window appears
  3. From the left panel, click on the “All processes” icon (  AllProcesses )
  4. Click the “Exclusions” tab
  5. In the Exclusions tab, click the “Exclusions” button ( Exclusions )
  6. The “Set Exclusions” window appear
  7. Click the “Add button” ( AddButton   )
  8. The “Add Exclusion Item” window
  9. Click the “By file type (can include the ? wildcard ) option button
  10. Enter the standard file type/extension for Microsoft SQL Server files; which is mdf
  11. Click the OK button
  12. The “Add Exclusion Item” window closes, and we are returned to the “Set Exclusions” window
  13. Repeat by clicking the “Add button” to add other SQL Server files
    • LDF ( Log file)
    • NDF (Secondary data file )
    • BAK ( Database Backup )
    • LOG/TRN ( Database Transaction Backup )


Screen Shots

Set Exclusions – Pre


Set Exclusions – Post




Here is a short code snippet to identify file extensions in use on a SQL Server Instance


          fileext = right(tblSAF.filename, 3)
	, [numberofFiles] = count(*)

from   master.dbo.sysaltfiles tblSAF

group by

	right(tblSAF.filename, 3)


  1. Recommended exclusions for VirusScan Enterprise on Microsoft SQL Servers



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