YouTube – Upload Audio Files – Using Microsoft Movie Maker (v2012)


It seems easy enough.  There are some audio files that I will like to upload to YouTube.

But, Youtube is kicking back that it does not accept Audio Files.


Error Message





The file you uploaded contains only audio and no video. Learn how to easily convert your audio track to a video file type.

The hyperlink directed us to:

Convert audio and image files into a format that will work on YouTube

Microsoft Movie Maker – v2012

Movie Maker is bundled as part of Microsoft Live Essential.

Depending on my OS, I will need a different version of Live Essential.

OS Matrix and Software Version

OS  Product Version Availability
 Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7 Windows Movie Maker 2012 ( Windows Essential 2012 ) Available
 Windows Vista Windows Movie Maker 6.0 for Windows Vista (  Windows Essential 2011 ) Bundled in Vista
  Windows Vista  Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Windows Vista Available
 Windows XP  Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Bundled as part of MS Windows XP SP2 and SP3



Download Location

Thankfully, On a blog post, Microsoft’s Aviraj Ajgekar provided a link for Windows Essential 2012.  The link is


Installed Application

Downloaded and installed Application.



Here are quick steps on how to create a video file out of an audio file.

  1. Avail Audio File
    • For us, we downloaded Ray Stedman’s Audio file on Prayer
  2. Select a background image
    • Choose Ray’s picture from Googling his name
  3. Launch Windows Movie Maker v2012
    • Choose to create a new project ( File / New Project )
    • From the menu access the “Add videos and photos” icon ( AddVidoesAndPhotos )
      • From the File menu, navigate to the folder where our photos were placed
    • From the menu access the “Add Music” icon ( AddMusic )
      • From the File menu, navigate to the Folder where our audio ( mp3 ) files were placed
    • Get duration of the Audio
      • Double click on the Audio
      • Context sensitive information on the selected media is shown at the top of the Application
      • Here is what ours look like ( when we selected the green audio strip )
      • Note the Start and End Point; in our case 0s and 1776 s
    • Set the duration of the Picture element to be same as the Audio
      • Double-click on the Picture Element
      • Again, the top panel reflects specificalities of the chosen element
      • Match the duration
      • Here is what our screen looks like, post matchpictureDurationSet
  4. The window changes to reflect the fact that we have extended the duration of the pictures
  5. Save the movie via the “File” \ “Save Movie” menu option
    Of course, we chose “YouTube”


A little out of place, but here are the pictures we took.

Picture Added


Audio  Added


The difference between this image and the one preceding it is the AudioAdded



We now have a good, well package mp4 file that YouTube will allow us to upload as a movie.


Here are Ray Stedman’s Audio artifacts that we are able to package as video (mp4) files.

Media Audio Video
Ray C. Stedman – The Cirmcumcised Life Audio Video
Ray C. Stedman  – How Prayer Works Audio Video
Ray C. Stedman –  The Furnace and the Lamp Audio Video




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